deSter GmbH

Provider of In-Flight Equipment Solutions & Supply Chain

deSter is a renowned provider of equipment solutions for airlines worldwide, ranging from design to logistics. Its in-house design studio and global network of experts have won a number of international awards, including the red dot design award best of the best and iF product design award. With a dedicated amenity kit knowledge center in Hong Kong, it delivers more than 6 million amenity kits to 30 airlines and partners with over 120 luxury, lifestyle and cosmetic brands worldwide.

Product Segments

Premium Experience

Our Premium Experience line consists of items made from the highest quality materials in sophisticated and beautiful designs to create the ultimate on-board experience.

Our porcelain designs can be adapted to meet your needs and merge seamlessly with your brand, lowering your cost of ownership and simplifying equipment management. Our range includes: chinaware, glassware, metal cutlery and signature items.

Onboard Comfort

Keep passengers entertained, relaxed and comfortable with our wonderful range of comfort items designed to be used long after the flight.

We manage every single step of the complex process, from sourcing through to delivery. Our range includes: pillows, bed linen, head rest covers, headphones, pajamas, blankets, mattresses, electronics.

Amenity Kits

We partner with globally renowned luxury and retail names to create amenity kits that combine exclusivity, high value and utility.

We can adapt cosmetic and toiletry items for co-branding opportunities, enabling you to differentiate your airline creatively and show high regard for your passengers. Our range includes: brand management, bags, skincare & cosmetics, fragrances, bath & body care, dental care, soft comfort items, inner items, gift items.

Crew and Service Equipment

Our innovative user-friendly trolleys and inserts are designed to make your cabin crew´s work simpler by being easier to handle, lighter to use, more hygienic and more durable.

All our galley equipment is designed to match your specifications and withstand tough operational demands and environments. Our range includes: service products, trays, wine coolers, drawers/nestboxes, trolleys (full and half-size), trolley insertions, standard units, waste bags, trash compactor boxes, waste management solutions, glass racks and insulation solutions.

Leisure and Smart Solutions

We work with everything from aluminum to plastic and paper, and recycled and sustainable options to create highly functional, high quality, contemporary products for a better dining experience.

We base our stunning reusable and disposable products on a modular concept, so that one piece can fulfil several functions. Our smart solutions are competitively priced, thanks to our global buying power and ability to bundle volumes. We can manage external marketing campaigns to offset your purchasing costs, from adapting artwork and manufacturing products through to global distribution and negotiating production runs. Our range includes: cutlery & napkins, stirrer, straws, casseroles, bags, trays, bowls/dishes, snack packaging, cups, meal boxes.


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