Clean Simple Eats

Single-serve sticks of greens and hydrate powder

Clean Simple Eats helps people on-the-go stay healthy and hydrated with our convenient single-serve hydration and greens powders. With many delicious flavors, our powders mix perfectly in water, allowing travellers to quickly get a greens boost and maximize their hydration while at the airport or on the plane.

Clean Simple Eats Super Greens Mix is packed with 20 different fruits, vegetables, grasses, and seaweeds to promote healthy digestion, support your gut microbiome, decrease bloating, and boost your immune system. We have five deliciously dreamy flaves, packed with good-for-you nutrients and superfoods: Green Apple Greens, Peachy Greens, Raspberry Lemonade Greens, Sweet Lemon Greens, and Tropical Greens.

Clean Simple Eats Hydrate Drink Mix is filled with natural electrolytes from real coconut, trace minerals and BCAAs to help boost hydration levels and aid in muscle recovery. We have five mouthwatering flavor options: Hawaiian Sunrise (passion-orange-guava), Coconut Lime, Strawberry Watermelon, Sour Cherry, and Sweet Kiwi.

We created the best-tasting, highest quality products on the market and our entire line of protein powders and supplements are made with clean ingredients, including zero artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, or added sugar.


Hydrate: Hawaiian Sunrise Hydration Drink Mix

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Greens: Peachy Greens Mix

BEST TASTING GREENS THAT ACTUALLY WORK: Clean Simple Eats Super Greens aren’t like any other greens you’ve ever tried–they’re the best tasting greens on the planet. Guaranteed. There’s a reason these greens have gone viral …


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