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Aircraft Interior Solutions - Seat Components, Custom Galleys, Air Transport Stretchers

Flying with a minimum of weight and maximum stability. This was the idea that shaped Heinrich Bucher’s thinking when he founded the company in 1953.

Today, Bucher Group continue to apply his vision with our unique lightweight construction principle. And thanks to our years of experience working with aluminum and composites, we are able to offer a diverse range of products, in which you can sense and feel what drives our company – an innovative spirit and an unwavering commitment to meeting specific customer requirements.

Our goal is to develop more efficient solutions that achieve cost advantages for the customer. We do this at our sites in Fällanden (Switzerland), Everett (USA) and in Sinn-Fleisbach (Germany).

Company Profile

  • Bucher Galleys: Increased Durability, Increased Benefits

    Bucher’s unique lightweight construction techniques optimize each Galley for minimum weight and maximum performance. Our aluminum frame structure and powder-coated aluminum as well as our   painted composite panels guarantee high structural stability and maximize longevity.

    Whether you require a custom Galley or a standard layout, Bucher is here for you. We are able to tailor your Galley to fit any custom sizing or equipment choices. We also offer standard,  pre-certified Galley layouts for the A320, A330, A380 and B747 aircraft, to name a few.

  • Front Row: More Space, More Value

    Bucher’s Front Row Monuments are based on the same principles as our lightweight Galleys. We focus on your specific requirements as well as on each aircraft manufacturer’s specifications to deliver innovative and economical monuments for First/Business Class and the main cabin.

    Both our honeycomb core panels and our high-quality decorative finishing materials can be used to set visually-attractive interior accents.

  • Stretcher: Patient Transport Made Easy

    A sick or injured flight guest is better off on a stretcher. Especially if the stretcher offers the highest possible degree of (safety) comfort. Of course a stretcher must fulfil the latest safety requirements.
    The “New Generation Stretcher System” from Bucher is fully able to meet such requirements. And it surprises with thoughtful, practical functionality.

    At just 38kg, it is ready for patient transport in the blink of an eye. Folded together in a box, the stretcher saves space in the cargo area and can be transported to where you need it. Continuing success on the market has proven the advantages of the Bucher Stretcher System and it is fully 16g compatible.

    Bucher’s latest Stretcher model the “Air Transport Stretcher” builds on the success of the NGS but takes a new and innovative approach in several key areas. The ATS is now not only 30% faster to set up, but its range of applications has also broadened significantly. It is now possible to adapt the stretcher to cover a wider range of aircraft types (such as Boeing’s 787) and optimize it to suit the latest seat geometries. Without a doubt, ATS is the ideal solution to meet the future challenges of maximizing cabin space.

  • Seat Components: Perfect Well-being Provided by Lightness

    Frequent flyers and other business and first class passengers expect above average comfort. Their requirements go beyond the standard. Which can be seen especially in the seating arrangements.

    There, comfort goes beyond simply creating space for legs. Indeed, the comfort appointments to the seating area itself must accord with expectations. They do so when they are designed, developed and created by Bucher.

    Components of the in-flight entertainment system (IFE), for example, such as our video deployment systems. Or refined table ideas, which can unlock new dimensions of luxurious travel.

    Whichever solution is chosen, the innovative spirit which lifts us can be felt in and around: offering your passengers well-being. Which creates added value – for your benefit.

  • Testing for Increased Safety and Reliability

    The Bucher Test Facility offers one and a half floors and over 700 square meters of testing space. We are continuously improving the equipment and installations to ensure safety, efficiency and accuracy in the test process.

    With this type of infrastructure and equipment, Bucher is able to test statics, temperature, insulation and acoustics. Results are verified by Bucher’s certified test-specialists, who employ measuring devices renowned for their high precision.

    With such state-of-the-art equipment, a complete 4-way galley test only lasts 5 working days.

Company News

Condor A330neo flies with Bucher Galleys

Bucher Leichtbau has been selected by Condor Flugdienst to design, certify and manufacture Galleys and Stowages for their new A330neo fleet. The first sets of the fully customized product have been shipped to Airbus Toulouse …

Bucher and deutsche aircraft sign supply agreement for Galleys and Partitons

Bucher Leichtbau has signed an agreement with Deutsche Aircraft to be their supplier for Galleys and Partitions for the new D328ecoTM cabin. This new contract will give Bucher the exciting opportunity to play a key development …

BUCHER introduces AC70 flex, its newest multi-mission helicopter equipment at European Rotors 2022

Bucher is extremely proud to present its newest member of the flexible helicopter emergency equipment line: the AC70 flex for the H145, at European Rotors in Cologne from November 8 to 10, 2022. Similar to the …

BUCHER, Galley Supplier for Virgin Atlantic A330-900neo

Bucher has shipped the first set of fully customized Galleys and Stowages to Airbus Toulouse for their integration into the new Virgin Atlantic A330-900neo. Today the airline has taken delivery of the first aircraft. Bucher is …


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