Blaser Café AG

Customized Coffee Pillow Solutions for Inflight Catering

Do you need high-quality, customized coffee products for your demanding passengers? Blaser Café AG from Switzerland is specialized in roasting and packaging coffee for airlines. We design and produce customized coffee pillow packs for your on board filter coffee machines as well as standardized pods (E.S.E./Easy Serving Espresso).

Headquartered in Berne, Switzerland, Blaser Café AG offers high-quality coffee solutions to meet the fast-changing needs of customers around the world. As a long-established supplier to international airlines we fully understand your requirements and are able to provide comprehensive and professional guidance for you and your crew.

Together we ensure the maximum coffee enjoyment for your passengers.

Company Profile

  • The best coffee for your passengers

    Coffee is more than just a complimentary beverage for airlines. The quality of airline coffee can vary substantially, but the trend, at least among the major air carriers, is towards more gourmet coffees. The right partnership can help you to ensure that your passengers get the maximum enjoyment from coffee.

    Blaser Café AG has a vision for coffee excellence and the discipline, dedicated employees and efficient production processes which are required to make sure that your passengers will be in seventh heaven on board of your airline.

    Blaser Café AG is a Swiss family-run business which is based in Berne and employs around 60 people. Our core activity is the production and distribution of high-quality roasted coffee at home and abroad; we also help our customers to design coffee concepts and provide training for them in everything to do with coffee.

    Our range of products includes roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee in special packs (ESE pods, pillows, etc.) and packs individually tailored to customer requirements. We deal primarily with the catering trade (hotels, restaurants, cafés, hospitals and business catering) and specialised markets (catering for air, rail and maritime transport services).

    Since 1994, Blaser Café AG has been offering special products for airlines, cruiselines and railways. Many prestigious companies all over the world have become our customers since. Our careful research into coffee-bag extraction allows you to serve the best coffee at a high altitude. We are particularly proud of the development of a brewing element (combination of filter and Presso system, invented and patented by Blaser Café AG) for a certified coffee maker.

    Every one of our customers chooses his own coffee blend which is suited both to passengers’ tastes and to the water supply available at the main hub. We also offer you advise on coffee drinking trends.

  • Customized coffee pillows produced in Switzerland

    Our portion formats and fillings are designed to meet customers’ individual technical and sensory needs. Each new product undergoes thorough testing. Our main aim is that none of our customer is ever going out of stock. By special agreement, Blaser Café AG is also willing to be integrated into the customers’ supply chain management. Our customers are kept constantly informed of the present whereabouts of the ordered goods (downstream traceability).

  • Delivering products with high standards, compatible with common inflight coffee makers

    • Pillows (rectangular and round, for all current coffee makers, vacuum-packed in polyaluvel foil, impeccable flavour guaranteed)
    • Easy Serving Espresso pods (E.S.E. Standard) (7 g portions, individually packed in a protective atmosphere in polyaluvel foil)
    • Pillows with ground coffee for cafetières (packed in a protective atmosphere in polyaluvel foil)
    • Pillows with freeze-dried coffee from our partner firm
    • Roasted Coffee beans for lounges (whole or grounded beans, customized blends and packaging on demand, vacuum-packed in polyaluvel foil with valve)

    Our green coffees are purchased directly from the source (traceable back to the estate or the cooperative) and are verified with our Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points concept (random and regular analysis). Full details are recorded by us for each production batch, which is verified before consignment.


    We also offer blends with Halal or Kosher certificates, an Organic/Fairtrade and a Caffè Speciali Certificati (CSC) blend (further special attestations on request).

    All our sales consultants are professionals with a SCA Barista 2, Associate Certified Coaches and Coffee Master Certificate respectively.

  • Coffee trainings for your employees

    Our service includes also coffee trainings at the main hub at the product launch and attendance of your coffee managers without charge at our three-day Coffee Competence Days in Berne. On agreement we also offer special coffee trainings on site (e.g. barista trainings for staff in lounges).

    We hold a renowned and highly acclaimed reputation and having a family tradition as our base, you can profoundly call us your competent Swiss Partner!


Blaser Café AG
Güterstrasse 4
3001 Berne
  • +41 31 380 55 55