Airline Tape Solutions For Aircraft Flooring

Biolink is a specialist manufacturer of Tape Solutions For Aircraft Flooring. Our unique solvent free technology is utilised to produce a wide variety of high performance adhesive tapes for many industries and critical applications.

Thanks to the close cooperation between Biolink and international OEMs, suppliers and processors, our aircraft tapes are exactly tailored to the special requirements of this field. With our Tape Solutions For Aircraft Flooring we guarantee high-performance and reliable adhesive systems.

Since 1997, Biolink has been designing, developing and producing a wide range of specialist self-adhesive products, using our unique UV-cured technology and customer-focused philosophy. For manufacturers around the world that need reliable and innovative solutions to their fixing, mounting and bonding applications, Biolink provides high-performance, solvent-free, environmentally-friendly PSA solutions, designed and delivered with expertise and creativity.

Company Profile

  • Carpet Tape Relink 2318

    Relink 2318 is a high-performance carpet tape, providing to the cabin engineers the benefits of quick installation, secure lift free fixation across all carpet backing types and rapid residue and damage free removal, in one piece. This carpet tape is AIRBUS qualified and specified to ABS 5648B and to FAR/JAR/CS 25.853(a) app.F part 1, (a) (1)ii.

  • Carpet Tape Relink 2319

    Relink 2319 is a black, flame retardant carpet tape. It is tested and meets BOEING BMS5-133 Type IV, Class 1; to FAR/JAR/CS 25.853(a) app.F part 1, (a) (1)ii.

  • Transfer Film Prolink 130r

    Prolink 130r is a transfer adhesive, for safety labels, fascia panel and ntf construction, qualified by AIRBUS according to ABS5768C & E (AIMS10- 05-022, AIMS10-05-026, IPS10-05-022-02 & IPS10-05-026-02).

  • Non Textile Flooring Tape Relink 2316

    Relink 2316 is a non textile flooring tape that is designed to meet the individual challenges of non textile flooring: it facilitates wrinkle free laminating, can be easily converted to pre-cut sets in situ and helps prevent slippage, telegraphing, wrinkling and bubbling.

    The special, high adhesion floor side adhesive supplies residue and damage free removal from both floor panel and moisture barrier films and the permanent, laminating adhesive has high plasticizer resistance.


prolink 130r

Secure and permanent NTF fixing and Laminating of re-enforcement layers and backings.


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