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Beadlight is a British manufacturing company, focusing on design, quality and safety. We manufacture LED Aircraft Cabin Reading Lights using our patented “Beadlight diffusion” which creates the finest LED illumination to read by.

Beadlight works with major airlines and seat manufacturers, and we guarantee that Airbus and Boeing qualification requirements are fulfilled.

We work with all the major airlines and seat manufacturers. Manufacturing takes place at our Head Office in Oxfordshire allowing us to ensure the production of top quality products.

Aircraft seat design requires collaboration across multiple skill sets and with aircraft cabin reading lights being a part of this, we consult with not only the OEMs but also independent Aircraft Seat Designers and design teams from the airlines themselves.

Beadlight meets clients early on in a design project to ensure that any reading light issues are avoided. The most obvious problem that Beadlight will address is ensuring that their aircraft cabin reading lights will not disturb fellow passengers.

Company Profile

  • Aircraft Cabin Reading Lights, Airline LED Illumination Lighting

    Beadlight is an LED lighting specialist. In 1997, Beadlight designed the first ever LED reading light for a commercial airliner (Virgin Atlantic). Over the last 15 years Beadlight has become a significant participator in the aerospace reading light market.

    We continue to design, engineer and manufacture the ultimate aircraft interior reading lights using a unique patented diffusion system which creates the perfect reading lights for airline cabins.

    We are proud of our quality and design. We work closely with our customers tailoring lights to meet their needs to ensure the best solution is provided.

  • Airline Cabin Lighting Design

    Beadlight has a strong background in aircraft reading lighting design and has produced lights for some of the top airlines and seating manufacturers in the industry. Our strengths lie in our knowledge of the aviation industry as well as innovative approach to design. Quality is at the core of Beadlight and we believe this is shown throughout our product range.

    All designs are handled by our in house team of designers and engineers. Beadlight has access to its own 3D printers and PCB CNC Prototyping allowing us to quickly produce working models and test our ideas. We always look to use the best components, sourcing most of our parts in the UK.  This linked with our onsite manufacturing facility means we can ensure the highest quality products possible.

    All lights are available in a range of different finishes, we can also produce custom finishes to suit the customer’s needs.

  • Beadlight Technology

    Beadlight’s aids the seat designer in their application of LED and optic technologies. Including our patented “Beadlight diffusion” to create the finest LED illumination to read by. The diffusion system ensures the light is spread evenly and prevents glare.

    When designing aircraft interior lights we consider:

    • Light spread
    • Light intensity
    • LED colour temperature
    • Glare
    • Position of the lamp

    We ensure that the Airbus /Boeing qualification requirements are fulfilled as well as ensuring that light spillage is kept within the confines of the seat, to avoid disrupting fellow travellers.

  • Compact Lights for Airline Cabin Interiors

    The compact cabin lights are designed to fit discreetly in to a seat or surface. When closed they sit completely flush in the panel. These interior lights are typically installed to a seat shell or a monument.

    The compact lights are operated by pressing a dimple on the light, this allows the light to open and then it can be pivoted from side to side so the user can direct the light where they require.

    These are perfect when you want to control the light spread reducing disruption to other passengers.

  • Flexible Stem Lights for Airline Cabin Interiors

    Our flexible stem lights are designed to give the user the most freedom to control the position of the light. The lights are usually operated by a push switch on the lamp head and are available in a variety of different switching modes.

    The stems are strong and durable to ensure longevity of the products.

    These lights give the user the ultimate control to help make their environment as comfortable as possible.

  • Aircraft Interior Lights Quality & Certification

    Beadlight, designs, engineers and manufactures aircraft interior lights to the appropriate Airbus & Boeing qualification standards prevailing at the time; the base documents being RTCA DO-160, D6-36440, ABD0100 and FAR 25.853.

    As part of the service, our Certification Engineers plan and manage the qualification testing process of each light model and work with clients to provide the relevant documentation for the project.

    Our airline cabin reading lights are often qualified by similarity to the tested model to offer airlines brand led customisation in the final specification of the light. Beadlight designs aircraft interior lights qualified for the Airbus and Boeing platforms these include A330, A340, B747, B767, B777 & B787.

    Beadlight holds AS9100 Rev C and ISO9001 accreditations.


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