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Airline Boarding Passes, Baggage Tags, Tickets, Air Waybills, Documents and In-Flight Products

BARTSCH International is a strategic partner of IATA and one of the world’s leading producers of boarding passes, baggage tags, tickets, air waybills, other airline documents and in-flight products.

BARTSCH International was founded in 1954 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. Along with two other production sites in Germany, there are sales offices in Switzerland, Moscow and Paris. Service & fulfillment, logistics and programming of individual IT solutions are further core areas of the company.

Furthermore BARTSCH developed their product portfolio concerning several security printing solutions and numerous products for ground handling companies and airport shops, e.g. duty free shops.

BARTSCH is constantly monitoring the market with the purpose to be aware of the required products and, moreover, understand people’s habits. Therefore, we treat every customer as a special partner and look forward to satisfy their needs and wishes.

BARTSCH recently launched a specially designed baggage tag for the use at self-service and/or RFID kiosks eliminating most of the concerns passengers have had with tagging their luggage. This new tag is also applied much faster which means that passengers have the comfort and reassurance of tagging their luggage themselves.

Company Profile

  • Airline Boarding Passes, Baggage Tickets and Tags

    BARTSCH International has more than 30 years of experience in developing passenger handling solutions for many airports and airlines in the world. All our products are in compliance with the latest IATA resolution.

    • Boarding passes with or without magnetic stripe, wallet and / or individual advertisement.
    • Carbon related products like excess baggage tickets, air waybills and miscellaneous charge orders
    • Several security features which can be added to almost all of our products.
    • We provide a wide range of tags suitable for any use (e.g. standard baggage tags, interline tags, limited release tags, rush or priority tags, etc.)
  • Any Kinds of Label / Linerless Labels

    BARTSCH is well known supplier of all types of self-adhesive labels or stickers, with specialized know-how in Linerless labels.

    In addition to this, we also provide bespoke solutions to our customers including printed or blank labels.

    Some product examples

    • Linerless labels (without silicone backing material) + Linerless printers
    • Thermal labels including double-sided labels
    • Shipping and logistics labels
  • Inflight Anti-skid Paper Trays, Head Rest Covers & Blankets and Tamper Evident Bags

    BARTSCH applies its know how in the airline sector also to products used during the flight:

    • Development of special anti-skid tray papers which allow your guests to have a drink or meal during heavy turbulences.
    • We provide you with very comfortable head rest covers and blankets. These are often used in special marketing campaigns.
    • We have developed different kinds of security seals and labels with or w/out residue.
    • Duty Free Shops profit from our Security Tamper Evident Bags, Protection grids, etc.
  • Radio Frequency Identification Products - Baggage Tags, Name Tags, Tickets & Documents

    In addition to offering various new services including digital personalisation of forms, fulfilment and distribution, the company is also involved in the development and production of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products including baggage tags, name tags, tickets & security documents.  The development of printed RFID inlays (polymer chips) is a principal axis of this development.

    These hi-tech products have brought the company into a  new industry sector. With our partners UPM and NXP, who are well known leaders within the RFID market, we have developed a baggage tag with an integrated RFID chip in order to gain following advantages:

    • Massively reduced costs due to less lost luggage
    • Satisfied passengers due to faster check-in and less lost luggage
    • Less delays due to faster luggage handling at the airport

    Cargo RFID Labels allow the shipper / addressee to trace the goods anywhere in the world. The huge advantage of this technology is that you are able to store a lot of information on the chip. Furthermore, it is safer and more resistant than the usual barcode.

    Bartsch provides all different kinds of cards with or without magnetic stripe several chip and high quality print.

  • Self Service Products for Airline Passengers

    Due to our constant monitoring of the market and our extensive experience we have developed the most important self service products for your passengers, boarding passes and baggage tags.

    We provide all kinds of boarding passes on rolls, narrow or wide and, most importantly, for all types of self-service kiosks. Additionally, we developed an easy applicable self-service baggage tag with one of the leading airlines on the planet. This tag allows the passengers to check-in their luggage quickly and get it back safely.

    Of course, this tag is accredited by the newest IATA resolution. Self-Service gives the passenger the benefit of saving time and the airport or airline of saving money.


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