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Banding In-Flight Items and Meals to Increase Sustainability

Established in 1990, Dutch company Bandall develops, manufactures and distributes their bundling and banding solutions worldwide. Since the introduction of Bandall’s advanced banding equipment in 1997, it is now banding in more than 100 countries supported by 50 professional distributors.

Banning plastics and changing to paper banding is proving popular amongst airlines
There is a worldwide shift in airlines banning plastics and choosing alternatives. For a number of principal European airlines in-flight blankets and cushions are no longer packaged in plastic bags. Millions of bags have been replaced by neat FSC certified paper bands, not only saving on costs, but also strengthening airlines’ environmentally friendly image. The paper band presents well, is a perfect ground for inviting texts, branding and logos, and it is very easy to remove for passengers. Bandall banding is widely popular globally and banding in-flight items and meals to increase sustainability is a natural progression. 

Reasons why airlines are banding in-flight blankets:

  • To reduce plastic waste by 92.4%
  • To strengthen environmentally friendly image
  • For a smart appearance
  • To add (flexible) branding and communication
  • To remove risk of slipping on empty plastic bags

Label snacks and meals with a band that doubles as a wrapper for multi-packs
Removing or reducing plastics is a hot issue, also in the Aviation catering services. Sustainability in packaging for ready meals and tax-free products is becoming increasingly popular. This generally means using altogether the smallest possible amount of plastic and packaging materials. Typically, the focus is on catering products such as nuts, snacks, and baked products. But also many non-food products, such as tissues and other Health & Beauty items.

Bandall’s banding technique is ‘The Standard’ worldwide when it comes to banding in-flight blankets, but it also offers a multitude of ways to improve sustainability in the logistics chain and in packaging solutions within the airline industry.

Company Profile

  • 360 degrees of labelling, branding and storytelling

    A band by its nature wraps all the way around a product or bundle and this means there is plenty of surface area for communications, branding, QR-codes and storytelling. Designs and prints are accurately positioned on each product using the ingenious precision sensory system. Optionally, variable and flexible data, such as bar codes, promotional details and languages can be printed onto the band during the packaging process. In unlimited positions over the entire length and width of the band.

  • Bundle food and non-food products with just one lightweight band

    Counting and collating batches and creating bundles can often substantially simplify and improve sustainability in the transport of products for onboard. A fine paper or film band can often replace all of the plastic and shrink films currently used for wrapping batches. Banding not only streamlines internal transport, it significantly reduces packaging and plastics. Another advantage is the ease with which a band is removed by passengers and staff.

  • Tamper evident packaging

    Banding can function as a seal, preventing unwanted opening of containers – a form of tamper evident packaging. And this in turn makes banding a multi-functional method of labelling.

  • Banding together promotional and multi-packs

    Printed paper or film banding easily groups packs for promotions and special offers. With one Bandall machine you can band together two, four, ten or any number of boxes, packs or trays. Add a catchy print to promote sales. And here too banding is often a more sustainable option than alternative packaging such as plastic bags, shrink and other films, sleeves and outer boxes.


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Company News

Paper Band Replaces Plastics in Laundry and Textile Industry

Keeping your laundry, textiles, blankets and linen neatly rolled or folded, looking smart and at the same time improving sustainability, then simply applying a thin band of paper or film is a most attractive option.


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