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Airline Fuels And Lubricants

As the aviation division of BP, we’re one of the world’s largest suppliers of Airline Fuels And Lubricants. We have a network of operations at over 700 locations in around 50 countries and sell over seven billion gallons of jet kerosene and aviation gasoline a year. In 2014 we fuelled more than 6,000 flights every day – or four every minute.

Our many customers include commercial airlines, aircraft & helicopter operators, business jet operators, private pilots, the military; as well as aviation authorities, into plane operators, general aviation airfield & FBOs and national oil companies.

We don’t just supply Airline Fuels And Lubricants. Our experts provide a complete aviation fuel consultancy service, including the design, build and operation of aviation fuelling facilities. Our wide range of innovative technical services help our customers protect their business and manage risk.

We have a strong local presence, with over 1,100 employees working in our many offices around the world. And this combination of global reach and local knowledge helps us better understand our customers and makes sure we meet their needs.

Company Profile

  • Aviation Fuels and Lubricants for Airports and Airfields

    Our approach to airport and airfield supply focuses on the quality products,  technical expertise and business support.

    Quality Product

    With over 85 years experience we know that quality fuels can’t be taken for granted. That’s why we ensure the highest quality assurance, both in fuel and handling, with every Air BP delivery

    Technical Expertise

    With worldwide operations, both large and small, we have a clear understanding of the demands and risks of aircraft refuelling. As an Air BP customer you can benefit from our support of your operations, maintenance and equipment.

    Business Support

    Whether it’s benefitting from our online account management, our facilities financing or our global card network, your dedicated Account Manager is here to identify, implement and support your business.

    By understanding your specific requirements, we can ensure our support is designed to meet your needs. To discuss this further please email us or contact your local office directly.

  • Aviation Fuels and Lubricants for Aircraft Operators

    When it comes to supporting aircraft operators we focus on providing quality products, convenience and dedicated support through our two fuel card schemes.

    Quality Product

    We know that, for you, quality fuel and its safe delivery is essential. That’s why, with over 85 years experience in aviation, we’re focussed on ensuring the highest product and operational standards at every Air BP location.


    We believe in keeping things straightforward. With our Sterling Cards there is no need for fuel releases, and together with our transparent pricing and online account management purchasing your fuel is hassle free.

    Dedicated Support

    Whether it’s face-to-face, on the phone or online, your dedicated Account Manager, supported by a team of experts, is committed to providing you with help and advice whenever you need it.

  • Aviation Fuels and Lubricants for Pilots

    When it come to supporting pilots we focus on providing quality products,  convenience and incident free refuelling.

    Health and safety support

    As industry standard setters we know the procedures required to ensure safe refuelling, particularly at self-serve locations, that’s why we make our pilot support available to all customers, helping you to maintaining operational safety and avoid mis-fueling.


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