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Aircraft Cabin Design and Development

When you choose AIM Altitude, you choose a world leader. We’re a market leader, specialising in aircraft cabin design and development with the skills, resources and engineering expertise to realise the most ambitious designs for the future. Proven experience for over 30 years gives confidence in technical expertise and craftsmanship.

AIM Altitude succeeds in meeting the demands of the most innovative airline design teams with in-house industrial design capabilities, creating unique interior products. Promoting pioneering techniques such as mood effect lighting, photographic décor, high tech and natural materials, lets the designer push the boundaries of aesthetics and practicality, offering airlines a highly differentiated product and passengers a more pleasurable inflight experience.

On-going research and development places AIM Altitude at the forefront of new materials technology. Utilising state-of-the-art composites, we continue to increase the range of materials qualified for use in aircraft interiors. With innovative ideas and design solutions and the growing contribution to efficiency and accuracy from the latest computer-aided design and manufacturing facilities, our engineers are well practised both at meeting the operational requirements of airlines and conforming to the interface provided by an aircraft manufacturer.

Our skills lie in the engineering, certifying and manufacturing of designers’ concepts, without compromising quality, weight, reliability or maintainability. We achieve this by embracing original and creative design, modern materials technology and innovative production techniques. Offering the complete service AIM Altitude has unrivalled experience in making the most of any space, from the fulfilment of major new interior concepts to refining the smallest detail of individual components.

Practical proposals and close attention to detail provide striking new features to add value to the airline offer. AIM Altitude will utilise its expertise to give airline customers a competitive edge to their interiors. We work in partnership with our customers to meet the ever-changing requirements of the aviation industry and regulatory authorities. Producing our own composite materials we have control and flexibility over the entire development process combining flair and practicality with durability, quality and cost effectiveness. From concept to finished product AIM Altitude has the capability to deliver a complete package.

Company Profile

  • Premium Cabin Interiors

    Premium Monuments are the true differentiator of a commercial aircraft interior. AIM Altitude has the design, certification and manufacturing capability to transform imaginative concept into reality.

    Clients Include:

  • Feature Panels

    Feature Panels offer an airline the option to refresh its cabins with minimal impact upon pre-existing or newly selected monuments. By adding these decorative panels a cabin can be easily uplifted in a stylish and striking way, enhancing the customers’ awareness, for example, of the airline’s brand identity.

    Concept to Delivery

    Our talented team will work with you to develop an interior concept specific for your aircraft, one which is customised to your brand objectives and delivers tangible performance benefits. AIM Altitude considers all stake holders in every aspect from design through to product functionality and will guide you throughout the process from concept to delivery.

  • Galleys & Stowages

    Wide Body Galleys are designed and manufactured to the highest standards by highly skilled professionals.

    Configurable to meet the exact needs of the customer.  Lightweight, robust, high-quality materials, components and methods of assembly ensure low costs of ownership, all augmented by market-leading spares supply and product support.

    A330 Wide Body Galleys are designed and manufactured by highly skilled professionals, providing our customers with class-leading commercial aircraft interiors. We offer innovative galley solutions to airlines and leasing companies across both the Airbus long-range and Boeing wide body platforms. Covering commercial and VIP markets, offering the kind of premium features and tailored solutions demanded by customers for their flagship aircraft.

  • Narrow Body Galleys

    Narrow Body Galleys deliver lightweight, low cost catering solutions to the world’s leading airlines. Innovative design and robust structure all contribute to the low cost of ownership.

    Our narrow body galleys feature class-leading design, are lightweight to keep fuel costs down, are robust and of the highest quality, all of which contribute to a low cost of ownership. We supply galleys to both Airbus and Boeing narrow body platforms.

    Customer Specific Features

    Low cost of ownership does not compromise flexibility or the provision of specific features for our airline and leasing customers.  AIM Altitude offer a wide range of chilling, beverage and catering options across the narrow body galley range

  • Cabin Interior Products

    We offer a variety of standard monuments of all sizes across a wide range of aircraft types with varying levels of customisation and trim finish.

    With innovative ideas, design solutions, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities, AIM Altitude engineers easily meet customer requirements while conforming within the aircraft manufacturer’s interface.

    From a utilitarian stowage or closet to a customised multi-functional design, we have the solution for all cabin requirements. Located in many positions within the passenger zones, either under the overhead stowage bins or in full height configuration, stowage and closet systems perform a key role on board both narrow body and wide body aircraft.

    Using the latest CAD systems, our highly experienced design team maximise the use of space, functionality and aesthetics, enabling airlines to offer their very own brand of service in each cabin class.

  • Partitions, Stowage Bins & Class Dividers

    A brand-aligned customisable partition with no overhead attachments featuring a tinted, transparent and frameless window, a low-profile kickstrip, bumpstrip, hidden literature pockets, and a coat-rack for business packs on FWD side.

    Stowage Bins are an essential part of air travel, catering for passengers’ personal possessions in a safe and contained way.

    Class Dividers are the discreet way to divide cabins into their correctly allocated classes. This product comes in a variety of sizes, styles and colours to suit every scenario.


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