Inflight Entertainment Solutions

Airline Inflight Entertainment Solutions.

ADAPTIVE is a rapidly developing company serving the hospitality industry in a number of related sectors, namely Aviation, Trains, Hotels & Clinics, Buses & Taxis, Cruises. The technical operation and R&D hub is located in Toulouse in the heart of the European Aviation sector with sales and marketing presences in London, Paris and Shanghai.

Adaptive provides a centrally managed solution integrating dedicated services and content for consumption anywhere whatever the availability of bandwidth.

Adaptive helps businesses design a set of services and content, a fully customized channel, which perfectly matches their business values and their customers’ needs. It takes the burden off the hospitality operator to run such channels and provides businesses with the necessary management tools to allow a simple, central and automated back office.

Adaptive has leveraged the combined experience and expertise of its founder’s team to re-define in “flight” entertainment for airlines, train and cruise ship operators.

WHY? – Because there are numerous moments in life when you have time and you need access to your favorite content but that content is just out of reach! There are numerous occasions for this to happen: when you are in a plane, on a train, on a cruise ship, or just on the move…

– Because tablets have totally revolutionized the way we can access content when we are out of home.

– Because legacy Entertainment Systems (whether in-flight, in-room, or on-board) are no match to the user experience provided by state of the art consumer electronics device.

– Because at Adaptive, we know the complex environment of our customers and we understand the demanding requirements of their passengers or guests.

ADAPTIVE has an advanced knowledge base and skill set in Mobile and Cloud computing technologies.

Our approach is focused on strong core values:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Reliable & sustainable Delivery
  • State of the art technology
  • Long term partnerships

Company Profile

  • What Do We Do?

    • We Distribute Media Content – leveraging innovative mobility solution with cutting edge technology and next generation interface design
    • We Provide Entertainment For Your Customers – Focusing on Hospitality. We understand your needs and your customers needs
    • We Offer Ancillary Revenue Opportunities – connecting, engaging & monetizing the traveller

    ADAPTIVE offers you a developed B2B2C digital content delivery solution designed to distribute various genre’s of content on to any number of electronic devices – tablets, smartphones, laptops, TV’s, PC’s – enabling hospitality operators in various market sectors to connect and interact with travelers.

  • How We Do It

    Our ACES digital platform is a flexible, muti tiered content delivery solution delivering all the content that the mobile savvy traveler wants and needs. Optimized for the aircraft, airport, hotel, ship or even taxi environments our software platform is the foundation of your delivery network, ready to be populated and ready to be commercialized.

    We Identify Your Needs
    At Adaptive we employ a fully collaborative approach with our clients, across all processes. We encourage client interaction in the discovery, design and implementation phases of a project – Tell us your ideas, your requirements and together we will find the solution that will perfectly match your values.

    We Build Process
    We create and meet your customers needs. Our support team will be there for you, anytime.

    We Create Satisfaction
    Customer satisfaction, quality service, ancillary revenues for you.

    Available to all devices including iOS, Android and Windows. Utilizing ‘cloud’ based technology ACES is logistically lean but capability rich. Our system is capable of delivering:

    • Sensitive, drm protected content of any kind
    • A retail architecture with secure payment support
    • Multi language GUI and content navigation
    • Deeply insightful CRM Data Analysis
    • Dedicated business services such as satisfaction surveys
    • A rich loyalty module to retain key customers
    • Sophisticated advertising campaigns for the mobile generation
    • A powerful ‘Real Time’ administrative support structure
    • A device agnostic proposition
  • Adaptive Content Entertainment system (ACES) allows you to:

    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Deliver a rich and compelling content experience
    • Reduce logistical costs and complexities
    • Enable ancillary revenue generation
    • Facilitate closer customer relations at various touch points
    • Enable our clients to leverage the data collected from their customers from CRM, Data mining and retail purposes
    Adaptive integrates a wide range of content on its ACES platform such as:
    • Newspapers & Magazines
    • TV & Film
    • Music & Games
    • Corporate Promotions
    • City Guides
    • Travel & Lifestyle
    • Advertising & Retail
    • News & Sports
    • Loyalty Programmes
  • Our Solutions

    Our ACES digital platform delivers multiple, flexible solution across the entier hospitality sector.We deliver focused, curated content set, in multiple languages, encompassing diverse globally relevant media. Give your customer choice, relevancy and exceptional service.

    The Cloud
    Adaptive utilizes the ‘best in class’ cloud technology to deliver its innovative ACES content platform. This enables us to deliver a reliable, scalable, flexible, secure solution, mitigating risk and achieving the lowest overhead for our clients. Our back-end administrative system works in real time enabling our clients to monitor performance, adjust delivery and measure results – all through a simple, easy to use control interface.

    Media Content
    Adaptive works with a large number of influential content producers globally. Our curated content services cover every aspect of your audience expectations and needs; … from Infotainment – Newspapers and Magazines, TV News, Destination Guides, Travelogues… Including, …the latest Hollywood Movies, TV, and Music, To, …retail brand promotions, luxury goods and your own commercial partners

    Our content delivery platform is only as good as the support services we offer. At Adaptive we know from experience where the potential “choke points” in any deployment may occur and have already built in preventive processes and measures to counter any issues.


    We offer customized hard support service such as:

    • iPad rental & finance
    • iPad security systems and cases
    • Customized iPad racks and torlleys


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Parc Technologique du Canal
31520 Ramonville Saint Agne
  • +33 (0)5 32 09 10 51