4Inflight International Limited

Airline Passenger Comfort Items and Crew Luggage

4Inflight International Limited are based in Shanghai, one of the most dynamic cities, and focus on the travel and hospitality industry, serving airlines and other travel and hospitality industries all over the world, supplying airline passenger comfort items and crew luggage.

Over 15 years elaborate operation, 4inflight accumulates rich experience on travel products developing, producing and sourcing, has a broad range of products in range.

1) Passenger Comfort Items (Amenity kits, Pyjamas, Linen…)

2) Crew Care Items – Pilot Cases and Crew Luggage

Our Advantages:
Of course, every company has its own advantages. We have a feeling that your demands in travel products match up with 4inflight’s advantages, including:

  • Stability. At a time when many companies are concerned about high quality service, 4inflight, one of the most professional travel products supplier, is a solid, trusted, accountable partner.
  • Reliability.  Many companies have a lot of expectation on their purchasing department, they cannot make it without reliable suppliers.  With 4Inflight, you can count on reliable service, performance and responsiveness from a dedicated team.
  • Cost efficiency. Many companies have recognized the wisdom of outsourcing their product and service. With 4Inflight, you can be confident that your needs will be met. And you can be sure that we will provide contracted or agreed-upon products and service at a fair price.
  • Best practices. Since we are a leading provider of travel products to travel industry worldwide, we can bring ideas, best practices and solutions from the world’s finest travel industry operations to yours, to help you better meet challenges and solve problems.
  • Innovation. We can help establish vision of market changes and describe where you can be in this changing environment. We have insights on how to achieve tomorrow’s goals today.



We meticulously assess all aspects
of the product life-cycle to come up with innovative solutions.


Our designers create tailor-made,
cost-effective items that enhance the onboard experience.


We manage the complete production process seamlessly from sourcing to final production.


We guarantee complete support throughout the process.


We manage all logistics to ensure an efficient product dispatch adapted to all airlines requirement.

Company Profile

  • Pilot Cases and Crew Luggage

    Luggage plays a significant role on travellers, especially frequent travellers like pilots and flight attendants, they travel almost every day, no luggage from retail markets can offer a 3-year warranty on this condition, but we can!

    4infllight’s partner factory has been combining expertise, design, innovation, elegance for over 25 years in manufacturing pilot cases and crew luggage, holding 20+ patented designs, serving 96 airlines over 200,000 crews and pilots every year, the rate of product maintenance service is less than 2% per year.

    We are proud to say that we are second to none on supplying pilot cases and crew luggage.

  • Passenger Comfort Items

    There are a lot of things that can impact a passenger’s enjoyment of a flight, cabin comfort items play a significant role on this. Each airline has its own motivation behind their demand on passenger comfort items, but their common expectation is to help them earn customer loyalty.

    • Amenity Kits
    • Blanket
    • Loungewear
    • Slippers
    • Linen
    • Toys
  • Cabin Service Items

    Over 15 years professional experience on supplying cabin comfort items, 4inflight has extended its product range to other cabin service items and hygiene products:

    • Headsets
    • Chinaware
    • Glassware
    • Plastic rotables
    • Plastic disposables
    • Paper items
    • Aluminum Container
    • Trash Box
    • Toilet Care kit
    • Hygiene products
  • Travel accessories

    While most airlines focus service on their first and business class passengers’ experience, in an effort to enrich the experience for all passengers, some airlines have considered “BUY ON BOARD” to economy and economy plus passengers. It’s also a possible way of new revenue generation for airlines themselves. Besides Amenity kits and blankets, 4inflight has a broad range of travel accessories for selection:

    • Luggage Tag
    • Keychain
    • Lock
    • Neck pillow
    • Passport Holder


First Class Passenger Dining Ware

MATERIAL Ceramic - Porcelain USAGE Airlines and Hospitality Industry COLOUR Available in various colours DESIGN Any required design option available


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