Wireless Access Point APX330 for air rescue from INSYS aero

Company INSYS Aero
Date 08.07.2016

Insys aero prThe new Wireless Access Point APX330 from INSYS aero has recently been put to action in emergency rescue helicopters in Ukraine. 

The Wi-Fi Access Point connects all types of medical equipment, such as a patient monitor or even cameras, with a ground station at the hospital (called Telemed Groundstation) via a SATCOM system. The data are transmitted in a transparent and secure way via a VPN tunnel implemented on the SCOTTY Communication Platform (SCP) over the Inmarsat satellite network. The system allows air rescue doctors or paramedics to submit all types of patient data to stationary admission wards in real time.

The integrators chose INSYS areo’s Wi-Fi access point APX330 as hardware for this application. Architecture and software features of the APX330 have been designed specifically for IFE and connectivity applications in the aviation industry to meet both the requirements for small Wi-Fi applications and for extensive, parallel multimedia streaming in challenging RF environments.

Despite an extremely robust construction, the highly reliable devices provide compact dimensions, low weight and very low heat emission. Users only need to connect the access point to the power supply of the SATCOM system and via the Ethernet interface to the satellite modem. To ensure the security of patient data, the APX330 transmits the data through a VPN tunnel via satellite to the hospital responsible. The system is fully transparent to users: the INSYS APX330 with built-in routing functions independently establishes a satellite connection when needed. Users can thus operate the devices without having to take care of the connection.

Please find more information on the APX330 here.


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