Why choose Libellulemonde Placards?

Company LibelluleMonde (LBM)
Date 07.09.2023

Passengers invest anywhere from two to over fifteen hours of their time on your aircraft, and in some cases, even more. It is absolutely crucial to establish trust among passengers, your staff, and your overall business. Our meticulously crafted placards serve as an assurance of clear and concise communication for both passengers and crew. They not only adhere to global regulations but also withstand the rigorous conditions within the aircraft, ensuring unwavering reliability.

It is true that LBM standards are based on OEM standards!  So why choose us?


1. We release all products with:

2. Our tests and products are always up-to-date with the industry requirements.

3. Our fast process will save your company time & money. +1000 engineering design modification & no capacity limit for placards production within 24 hours process.

4. We will reduce your standards from 6 to 1 placard with your choice of:

    • Radius
    • Color
    • Language
    • Material
    • Font
    • Personalized part numbers

We also provide extra added value services:

    • Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service: For urgent orders, inquire about our Aircraft on Ground (AOG) service. Our dedicated team is ready to ensure 24-hour production and same-day dispatch.
    • Inventory management: we provide in-house storage options for your products / inventory.

For any new project or inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us:

LibelluleMonde Customer Service
Email: info@libemonde.com
Tel. 1 877 467-7774


765 Rue Nobel, Saint-Jérôme, QC J7Z 7A3
  • (+1-)450)-432-6342
  • 1.877.467.7774 (tollfree North-America)