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Company Paloma Nordic Ltd
Date 03.04.2018

Solutions For Onboard Dehydration

Paloma Nordic Ltd is a Finnish company providing solutions for onboard dehydration. The main product is KEVEE, which is a smart rehydration drink designed for onboard rehydration purposes. Based in Finland, delivering internationally.

What is it all about?

Most of us suffer from dehydration when flying. Onboard dehydration is a well-known problem, yet there hasn’t been any potential solutions to solve it. Until now! KEVEE is a smart rehydration drink designed specifically for this purpose. It includes the essential electrolytes, minerals and vitamins to keep your body functioning during and after the flight. It ́s well known that during the flight you should drink plenty of water, but usually it`s not easy to keep hydrated due to the fact that during the 10 hour flight men can lose approximately 2 liters of fluids and women around 1.6 liters. And this is top of the normal need for water intake.

KEVEE`s formula is based on ORS which is a scientifically proven and WHO (World Health Organization) recognized formula to treat and prevent the symptoms of dehydration. ORS has almost three times better absorption ability than water alone. Due to this fact need for toilet is also reduced.

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