Company TydenBrooks Security Seals EMEA
Date 20.03.2020

As you will already be aware COVID-19 is having a dramatic impact on our lives, businesses, and on supply chains.

I am sure you have several emails about the impacts of COVID-19. TydenBrooks has also received lots of communications from our customers and suppliers with several questions about how we are dealing with the difficult global situation. I want to share an update on what TydenBrooks Security Products Europe is doing to keep you and our colleagues safe while continuing to deliver around the EMEA region

TydenBrooks SPG is following the guidance of global health experts from the British Government, the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Union and U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are continuously reminding our employees about social distancing around the workplace and the importance of frequent hand washing. Our onsite facilities, warehouse equipment and machinery are regularly cleaned and disinfected throughout the day. We have purchased laptops for all our internal customer service, sales and finance staff to work remotely and established secure connections to our network. This means we are prepared and able to respond to your queries regarding outstanding orders, payments or general enquiries.

Our warehouse is fully stocked with products and our staff have switched to a staggered shift approach to our daily operations to reduce the interactions between colleagues and importantly, to ensure that we can still dispatch orders. We have asked our delivery services to leave deliveries either in reception or for larger deliveries our warehouse staff are to maintain social distancing of 2 metres between themselves and the external drivers.

Many customers and suppliers are asking the same question: is it safe to receive and handle a shipment? The WHO and CDC have stated that the likelihood of catching the COVID-19 virus by touching cardboard or other another shipping container is low.

Our warehouse staff will be disinfecting the forklift truck before and after each delivery and will be wearing gloves and applying best practice guidelines issued by UK government health officials. We are encouraging all our staff to remain vigilant through this challenge environment and to stay at home and self-isolate if they are feeling unwell.

Here in the UK we are still able to manufacture our security products in a safe environment as virtually all our plastic seal production lines are automated meaning, we can still fulfil order requirements.

Outside of the UK we are working with our partners to maintain delivery services except where limited by government restrictions. We are working in partnership with the various governments around the world to obtain access for delivering shipments to restricted areas.

TydenBrooks SPG has long been a trusted partner in communities around the world since 1873. As with other global humanitarian crisis events, we are helping with relief related to COVID-19 and will continue to seek opportunities to assist our communities in need. If you need any form of assistance, we are here for you, please contact us and we will be here to help you in a way we can.

TydenBrooks’s global network is very experienced in planning and operations and adapting to changing conditions and are developing contingency plans to address potential sources of disruption in our supply chain.

Our teams are working to continue to serve you with your security product needs during this time, while keeping our employees and customers safe.

Thank you for trusting us with your business, stay safe and take care.

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