Three reasons behind Boeing's 100 years of success

Company BOEING
Date 18.07.2016

During the course of its history, Boeing has faced a lot: from the resignation of its founder to drops in commercial aircraft demand and massive layoffs. But after 100 years it still stands proud. What were the main reasons behind the company’s success story?

Desire for innovation

William Boeing left the company fairly early – only 18 years after its foundation. But his legacy was very significant. He left not only pioneering visions but a desire for excellence and innovation The company employed engineers who we willing to go an extra mile to invent new technology and beat their rivals. Boeing took large risks but ultimately drank champagne.

Strong relationship with the government

Even though Boeing is a private company, US government played a large role in its existence. One year after Boeing’s establishment, US entered the WW1 and its Navy purchased 51 out of 56 Model C seaplanes the company had built.

In the 1920s, when Boeing struggled to make ends meet, it won a US mail delivery contract. During the WW2 and Vietnam Wars, Boeing sold heavy bombers to us military and until this day makes the symbol of US presidency – Air Force One.


While Boeing company is primarily known as a commercial aircraft manufacturer, over the years, the company entered other business areas. Boeing also made furniture, corset fixtures and even developed space shuttles.

Not all of its endeavors were successful, for instance, Metro-rail business for Boston and San Francisco transport system in the 1980s was a great failure, but the diversification allowed the company to survive during the years.

Over the years, Boeing learned its lessons and proved it can adapt and evolve. With strong financial numbers, along with teams of bright scientists, engineers, and other employees, Boeing is on its way to even more successful second century of its history.


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