The Bamboovement: Eco-Friendly Cocktail Muddler

Company The Bamboovement
Date 10.05.2021

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the presentation of a cocktail is as important as the drink itself. So how do you conquer the hearts of your guests with your special in-house cocktail?

Putting a plastic straw in a fancy cocktail is generally regarded as a no-go. Replacing it with a bamboo straw, metal straw or a pasta straw is a great way to catch attention. But what other options do we have available to turn it into an unforgettable cocktail?

The Bamboovement is a Dutch company focused on offering eco-friendly alternatives to commonly used plastic products. As it turns out, The Netherlands is also one of the biggest users of plastic cocktail stampers/ muddlers. The benefit of a small cocktail muddler is that you give your guest the chance to add a slightly extra flavour to their drink. Perhaps they enjoy an extra taste of lemon or of cucumber. By adding a cocktail muddler to a drink you give your guest the freedom to experiment with his or her drink.

Bamboo cocktail stamper

As an alternative to plastic stampers we offer an elegant looking bamboo cocktail stamper. It replaces the plastic alternative and improves on their functionality. The unique shape was developed to adapt to wood and bamboo production processes. This resulted in a curved shape, which can smash lemon slices and scoop out berries

The cocktail stamper is currently available in 16 cm length and will soon also be available in 11 cm. The design is simple and elegant, slightly curved with small teeth at the end. The thin and simple shape is stylish in every type of glass and fits with ease among ice cubes. The design is registered in the EU and UK. The cocktail stamper is reusable, dishwasher safe, and at the end of its lifetime, it can be composted.

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Catch your guest’s attention by adding a unique stamper to their drink. Whether it’s a fresh lemonade or an electrifying cocktail – a bamboo stamper gives that extra touch of specialness. We can also laser engrave your company’s name into the stamper, so your guests will always remember where they experienced the best drinks in their lives. Get in touch with us for more information through airline-suppliers or send an email to


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