Sustainability made profitable by The Bamboovement and HappyTabs

Company The Bamboovement
Date 11.02.2020

The Bamboovement and HappyTabs have created a partnership to deliver a set of products that will make amenity kits more sustainable and lightweight. A bamboo toothbrush and several natural toothpaste tablets are designed in such a way that they enable sustainability to become profitable.

Given the fact that both items are natural, their relevance to sustainability might be evident. Nevertheless, it might remain unclear how they make sustainability profitable. The profitability, however, results from the weight of both products. The weight of a single bamboo toothbrush is ranges between 5,83 – 6,08 grams and a sachet containing three toothpaste tablets weighs no more than 3,08 grams. Considering both items together to stay well below the 10-gram limit, a switch to these products is being made an appealing measure for airlines to improve on sustainability while reducing onboard weight. Considering that the average weight of an oral care set usually exceeds 12 grams.

Product specification

The toothbrush is made of MOSO bamboo. This kind grows up to three meters in three weeks and, together with bamboo’s natural anti-bacterial effect, is an excellent alternative of manmade plastic. The bamboo is fitted with the FSC label in order to guarantee sustainable forestry. The bristles on the toothbrush are made of nylon 610. A type of nylon that is being made of castor oil instead of crude oil. Therefore, also the bristles improve on sustainability.

In addition, bamboo contributes in several ways to a sustainable environment. It is great with regard to the absorption of carbon dioxide and, therefore, attributed a crucial role in stabilizing our planet’s atmosphere. Besides, it can also repair damaged soil as the plant’s complex network of roots prevents soil from erosion and flooding. Moreover, as bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than any kind of hardwood, it could be used to make heavily polluted areas more livable.

The toothpaste tablets provided by HappyTabs are the most equivalent, yet sustainable, alternative for toothpaste. All the high-quality ingredients are natural and have been double-checked in order to only include the most necessary ones. The tablets are packaged in a biodegradable sachet instead of a plastic tube. Brushing your teeth with HappyTabs resembles a regular toothpaste experience but in a natural way. The tablet foams up like regular toothpaste and results in a strong mint taste that lasts all day.


It is possible to personalize both products in a way they fit any brand image. In other words, any name can be engraved into the toothbrush and the sachets can be customized so their print fits perfectly with your brand’s style. For more information, feel welcome to contact The Bamboovement and receive customized  samples.

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