Snap & Squeeze: smart single portions by Menz & Gasser

Company Menz & Gasser Spa
Date 04.12.2017

Menz&Gasser launches Snap & Squeeze: the smart single portion to revolutionise your breakfast – and your customers’.

How many times have you had breakfast off a tiny tray on a plane or train or in some other cramped space, with nowhere to put down your cup, knife or jam, in constant fear of something falling on your clean trousers at any moment? Menz&Gasser has the solution. It’s a neat little idea for serving and spreading jam and honey with no knife or spoon – and with no drips or spills, either.

The new Snap & Squeeze single portion is a fun, convenient way to enjoy jam, honey and spread whenever and wherever you want, thanks to an exclusive patent. Besides the traditional ‘peel-off’ opening, with Snap & Squeeze you can also open the portion by simply pressing with your thumb and then squeezing out the product, with no need for cutlery. And the film on the top stays attached to the bottom, so the portion is easier to dispose of afterwards.

It’s the fastest, cleanest and most versatile solution on the market; find out more about the smart way to enjoy breakfast: Snap & Squeeze


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