Schär’s Gluten Free concept

Company Dr. Schär
Date 27.09.2018

The travel industry solution.

Evertaste has developed for Schär a unique Special Meal for the travel industry. With brand recognition value and focus on optimised handling, whilst providing a proper and tasty meal to passengers, “Schär’s Gluten Free concept” is unique and bridges the gap between special meal requirements and catering complexity. Being delivered as a ready assembled solution, it assures maximum safety and quality to consumers as well as operators.

It contains an authentic Italian Hot meal, a bread roll, a portion of a creamy butter and an indulgent chocolate covered wafer snack. The meal solution is available as a vegetarian and non- vegetarian option. The Hot meal is placed in a separate compartment, which allows the crew to easily remove it for heating and reinsert it for the service. By unfolding the compartments, the passenger can create his own tray, which secures a delightful inflight meal. All components come readily assembled in one box, which makes this concept easy to handle and delicious to enjoy and will certainly improve the travel experience of people with special nutritional needs or preferences. In addition it has a great frozen shelf life.


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