Rotable Repairs Ltd Leveraging Bauer Wheel Equipment

Company Rotable Repairs Ltd
Date 03.07.2018

Rotable Repairs Ltd., one of the UK’s leading providers of wheel and brake MRO services and UK’s first Honeywell authorized Wheel and Brake Service Center, are maximising shop throughput by utilizing Bauer wheel assembly equipment.

Rotable Repairs Sales & Marketing Director, Bryan Croft says, “The A320 Main Wheel typically took 20 minutes and involved two people in our shop. With the Bauer 8071 Wheel Build-Up and 8731 Torquing System, it now only takes one person approximately 7 minutes to complete the same task.”

Mark Auletta, VP of Operations at Bauer, states “We’re excited that the proven reliability and performance of Bauer wheel equipment are helping our customers maximize their shop’s efficiency. Bauer is continuously enhancing our entire wheel & brake shop product line, delivering cutting-edge solutions to optimize our customer’s productivity”.

The acquisition of the Bauer equipment supports a requirement for an increase in automated processes within the wheel and brake facility to support an ongoing strategic commitment to improve workshop efficiency and capitalise on recently appointed MRO General Manager, Lionel Fearon’s experience of developing and optimising production lines.


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