Qikfresh offers an innovative oral care amenity that meets new hygiene standards of the travel industry

Company Qikfresh
Date 09.06.2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses around the world including the travel industry and airlines, have to adapt numerous processes and products along the supply chain, due to new hygiene requirements and evolving passengers’ needs.

Improved hygiene standards and cleanliness will be expected by travellers around the world, allowing them to regain trust in travelling again. Travellers will equally anticipate the familiar wellbeing amenities and onboard service experience, particularly when travel returns across regions and continents.

Exceed passengers’ expectations and offer a fresh wellbeing experience

Adapt to the rapidly changing travel landscape and indulge passengers with an all-natural and refreshing oral care product complying with new hygiene standards.

Qikfresh’s Mouthwash-Powder is the new alternative to liquid mouthwash. One Mouthwash-Powder sachet contains 2g of active ingredients replacing 20ml of liquid mouthwash, and keeping oral care hygienic, convenient and trouble-free.


Simply tear open the sachet and pour powder directly into mouth. The powder liquidises immediately. Swish for approx. 15 seconds and expel.



The Mouthwash-Powder sachets are flexible in their application. The sachets can be placed on the ground in airline lounges. They can be placed onboard in lavatories or amenity kits ranging from premium economy to business and first class. Passengers can take the convenient and refreshing sachets along once they leave the airplane, extending the personal guest experience even after the stay onboard.



The practical size and low weight of the sachet enables airlines to save on space, in waste volume, and weight (90%). Qikfresh is made in Germany and our local sourcing approach guarantees high social, ethical and sustainable standards: we improve our overall ecological footprint through short supply routesand the use of 100% natural and plant-based ingredients.



  • A lightweight dry powder mouthwash in hygienic single serve sachets for convenient use onboard and while travelling.
  • Offers a novel passenger experience in oral care wellbeing onboard.
  • 100% natural ingredients (Certified natural cosmetic with the COSMOS-Natural signature)
  • 100% Vegan (registered by The Vegan Society).
  • Alcohol-free.
  • No synthetic ingredients or preservatives.
  • Dental and oral health: Refreshing, cooling and caring effects.
  • Customised design available: The sachet design can be customised and printed with the airline’s logo, corporate design, compliment or short personal message.
  • Made in Germany.


Qikfresh – Revitalise your smile naturally

Qikfresh is a natural and organic cosmetic firm specialised in innovative dental and oral care solutions for on-the-go application. We are a family business with 50+ years of professional experience in the fields of medicine, material science and business. We are based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.


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