PED Containment Bag by Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH

Company Innovint Aircraft Interior GmbH
Date 23.04.2018

Innovint upgraded its InnoBag family with a new member: The PED Containment Bag (lithium-ion fire containment bag) is a professional solution to manage incidents caused by thermal runaways of ithium-ion batteries used in Portable Electronic Devices (PED) throughout the aircraft cabin.

The PED Containment Bag is made of state of the art fire resistant materials with a temperature resistance of up to 1.000 degrees Celsius to contain defective devices. Due to its robust build-up the bag is able to withstand highly-intensive thermal runaways and helps to protect the passengers, crewmembers and cabin environment from fire or hazard. In addition, the PED Containment Bag supports a safe transport within the cabin to a fire protected place for a safe cool-down of the defective PED.

  • Lithium-ion fire containment bag
  • Supports EASA SIB No.: 2009-22R1
  • Supports FAA AC 120-80A
  • Supports ICAO Doc 9481 AN/928
  • Helps to protect crewmembers, passengers and cabin environment
  • Temperature resistance of up to 1.000°C
  • Robust build-up withstands highly-intensive thermal runaways
  • Supports safe cool-down of the defective PED


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