Part of next generation Airbus factory – Wing fixture project

Company HYDRO Systems KG
Date 19.02.2018

A consortium of thirteen partners, led by Airbus, have come together to focus on strengthening UK manufacturing and assembly productivity for aircraft series production and next-generation manufacturing systems. The project generated spin off technologies virtually from the start. Once the technologies had matured they were transferred into production to deliver benefits on current products.

The ATI (Aerospace Technology Institute) lately published a video with this “Airbus factory of the future” in Broughton, UK. HYDRO’s reconfigurable wing fixture project is the center piece of the project. Airbus uses the reconfigurable wing fixtures in their R&D department to do physical tests on wing-parts.

This project was a typical HYDRO Engineered Solutions project: Covering the whole customer process, from requirement capture over development, until manufacturing and service.

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