OAG Affirms its Position as the World’s Leader in Aviation Schedules, Flight Status and Analytics

Company OAG
Date 07.07.2016

Air Travel Intelligence Company Sees Rising Demand, Advances Capabilities Following Last Year’s Acquisition of U.S.-Based FlightView

The recent signing of Alitrip, Alibaba’s online travel platform, has rounded off a 12-month period of high-demand for OAG, the global leader in air travel intelligence. Following the acquisition and immersion of Boston-based FlightView, OAG is now the world’s largest provider of aviation schedules, flight status and analytics. Today, OAG is relied on by major airlines, airports, travel providers and tourism bureaus across the globe as well as millions of travelers in the U.S.

OAG provides accurate, timely and actionable digital information and applications across the travel and aviation markets, including government, tourism and travel-related services. Following recent investments into its global coverage and data, the company now has the most extensive real-time flight information database on the market, processing more than 25 million flight status updates each month and more than 300 million annually.

“Aviation intelligence is crucial for operating effectively in today’s global and connected economy,” said Phil Callow, CEO of OAG. “We continue to see immense demand for our products and service across the globe, and we remain committed to finding new ways to advance the aviation industry and provide unmatched value to our customers.”

In 2015, OAG added hundreds of new customers across the airline, airport, aviation, government, tourism, B2B and travel tech markets. Through OAG’s unrivaled ability to aggregate and analyze complex data sets and deliver real-time insights, the company is positioned to solve unique aviation challenges and unlock hidden business value across the travel ecosystem. A sampling of leading travel brands partnering with OAG include:

  • Alitrip, Alibaba’s online travel platform, is using OAG’s full suite of Analyser products to identify trends, spot commercial opportunities and run high-impact reports to understand market conditions and competitive behavior.
  • Hewlett Packard (HP) uses OAG to track daily Standard Schedules Information (SSIM) files and dynamic flight status for the three major airline alliances. This allows the HP air services group as well as the United Airlines group within HP to track flight status and monitor route growth.
  • Hundreds of major airports and airlines including United Airlines, Emirates, Baltimore/Washington International Airport and more rely on OAG for schedules and routes data to make more informed business decisions.

In addition to its suite of comprehensive Analytics and Schedules products, OAG’s day-of-travel information will now fall under the OAG flightview product category. OAG will continue to inform customers directly through flightview’s five-star day-of-travel mobile apps, available on iOS and Android, and the consumer flight-tracking website, http://www.flightview.com.

OAG recently unveiled a survey of more than 3,000 travelers, uncovering new opportunities for airports, airlines and companies throughout the travel sphere to sell to self-connecting travelers.

For more information, visit http://www.oag.com. To see the full results of the recent self-connections survey, download the report: http://www.oag.com/self-connection.


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