Company aviationscouts GmbH
Date 28.07.2020

A new four-step hygiene concept will allow airports and airlines to relaunch operations while also fighting the spread of COVID-19. Only by reassuring passengers and crew of the safety to fly again, aviationscouts says, will the aviation industry survive. The disinfection process targets multiple stages of a passenger’s journey, from arrival at the airport, check in, boarding and the flight itself.

A water-based anti-infective for hands prevents reinfection for up to two hours, and because it is water-based it is safe to reapply multiple times. The dispensing device also has an optional infrared thermal camera to test each user for fever. While they wait, a digital screen can show them a short advertisement, thereby providing ancillary revenue that can help pay for the cost of the entire process. This can be increased by further advertising on sachets of the anti-infective issued to the passengers throughout their journey.

Meanwhile, a fogging device releases a surface-cleaning disinfectant in the airport, aircraft and shuttle buses. Able to cover a 100 square meter area in under two minutes, the disinfectant coats surfaces that are frequently touched by passengers and workers, offering long-term protection of up to 10 days.

Finally, face shields, masks and other PPE, can also be branded, for further ancillary revenue.

“It’s increasingly likely that the world will be dealing with the threat of COVID-19 for at least the next 18 months, if not longer,” says Christophe Hafhouf, sales director at aviationscouts. “For the aviation industry to survive we need to keep flying, but we can only do that by ensuring the safety of our passengers and crews. This innovative process is a real game changer. Not only does it provide thorough and effective hygiene throughout the entire passenger journey, but the opportunity for advertising will allow our clients to pay for much of the process, a vital consideration while they get back on their feet financially.

Thomas Bulirsch, CEO of aviationscouts, adds, “Disinfecting hands is essential because it is so easy to reinfect them by accidentally touching a contaminated surface. For maximum hygiene, cabin interiors and the most commonly travelled areas of airports must be treated with long-lasting products that prevent germs and viruses spreading on surfaces.

We’ve partnered with leading suppliers of cleaners and disinfection to offer well-known and established products from certified OEMs. We can transfer their expertise to preferred partners in the aviation industry. This will help rebuild passengers’ trust in the safety of flying again, which is essential for the future of aviation.


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