Linstol and Saudia Airlines launch the Premium Earbud for the Economy Cabin

Company Linstol
Date 17.07.2017

Linstol, a leading provider of headsets and earbuds for the airline industry, announces the success of its enhanced PE-95 premium earbud in Saudia’s economy cabin.

Designed specifically with Saudia as a special gift for their guests, the PE-95 premium earbud brings improved performance and exceptional passenger comfort. The sound quality and performance of the PE-95 matches that in the retail market, yet it has been designed specifically for an airline cabin environment. Bespoke logo print and colour scheme complete this unique offering.

Linstol’s design team and audio engineers designed the PE-95 model to surpass standard earbuds with precise angles that allow sound to be transmitted deep into the external auditory canal. The resulting benefits are a clear sound and reduction of engine noise. To enhance comfort, Linstol introduced softer silicon earpieces and a flat speaker housing. Passengers can wear the earbud for extended periods even while sleeping.

As the most premium earbud offering in the industry, Saudia’s earbuds are gifted to passengers in sleek multi colour foil pouches designed to compliment Saudia’s marketing objectives, with packaging artwork updated regularly.

A bespoke H-Type adaptor is included with the earbuds. This adaptor, made only for Saudia, facilitates ease of use with both single and dual pin IFE systems and enables passengers to enjoy the earbuds post-flight.

For more than twenty four years Linstol has served over 175 airlines as a preferred supplier of cabin-related passenger comfort products by remaining true to its founding principles of providing direct communication with management and offering the most attractive quality/cost combination for passenger cabin essentials such as amenity kits, comfort products, disposable products and headsets. In addition to developing creative, customised solutions by working closely with airlines, Linstol offers inventory management, forecasting and complete concept solutions.


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