Latchways WinGrip helps Boeing and Airbus soar

Company MSA Safety
Date 20.04.2016

Latchways pr1When you see the benefits Latchways WinGrip offers, it?s no surprise that aerospace giants like Boeing and Airbus include our unique vacuum anchor fall protection system in their manuals.

With safety, convenience and productivity our top priorities, trust natually follows. WinGrip?s vacuum anchor fall protection pads are versatile enough to accommodate single and multiple users. Whether inside the hangar or outside on the apron, WinGrip is easy to use, quick to install and engineered to help you get the work done with worry-free, hands-free mobility.

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Latchways pr2WinGrip All-In-One (AIO)
The WinGrip single-user system provides a single fall protection anchor point on wings and the fuselage or stabilizers. This highly portable pad is particularly effective for line maintenance and other short-term, temporary work.

WinGrip Line System
With the WinGrip multiple-user system, up to four workers can move along the entire length of a wing or fuselage. It?s ideal for those working in construction, heavy maintenance and return operations.



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