Larchfield Vinyl Livery Branding with Approved Aircraft Film

Company Larchfield Aerospace & Graphics Ltd.
Date 23.03.2021


Since 1995, we have been offering comprehensive & innovative services to airlines & maintenance facilities worldwide.

• We specialise in the design, manufacture & installation of high quality fully integrated aircraft liveries, using approved vinyl film.

• We have extensive knowledge & history of solutions for branding campaigns & promotions.

• We provide multi language mandatory markings for aircraft interiors & exteriors.

All our work conforms to EASA / CAA / FAA standards and is supported by our ISO9001:2015 Certification.



• Production of vinyl graphics for multiple applications

• Technical consultation

• Campaign & advertising concepts

• Fast delivery & lead time management

• Installation

• Removal

• Part 21 engineering design data & certification.

• All our work conforms to EASA / CAA / FAA standards and is supported by our ISO9001:2015 Certification.



Have you considered the cost saving and environmental benefits of wrapping your aircraft in approved vinyl film?

Quick to install, versatile, light, stable and removable. It’s an ideal choice for livery branding, advertising, corporate messaging, or simply just for white tail blanking.

For this presentation we have created a series of livery designs to showcase and accentuate the positives of decorative vinyl, outlining its potential and how your aircraft, or airline can benefit.



“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the things you did do. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” (Mark Twain – possibly)

As travel restrictions begin to ease and customer confidence returns, we can look forward to flying safely once again with a renewed optimism and appetite to rediscover the world.

We have noticed a trend this year, for tourist organisations working closely with airlines, helping capture the public’s imagination with attention grabbing special livery campaigns. This is an excellent way to increase regional tourism, passenger numbers and much needed revenue.

Keep an eye on our latest project updates as the year rolls on, this is definitely the time to engage and let the world know that you’re open for business!



New found public scrutiny and a positive shift in consciousness towards achieving vital zero emission targets, are the next major factors in survival, not only of individual airlines but the industry as a whole.

Airlines with the best green credentials are more likely to be chosen by the conscientious passengers of tomorrow, over carriers stuck in the past. Let the world know how you are heading towards zero-e, wear your sustainability badge with pride and boast about your carbon policies – small steps will help to drive the common good! With messaging being more important than ever, we can help you achieve maximum impact, with our promotional livery schemes, printed on lightweight approved aircraft films. We can enhance, or completely transform your aircraft with minimal downtime, disruption and cost.

We can even off set the vinyl used with carbon credits and plant trees on your behalf!



The term “flying billboard” sounds out of place against the sleek aerodynamics of a modern day jet liner.
In reality though there is a huge potential for profit making with better space utilisation.

Most aircraft have mind boggling square metres of free space, just waiting to be put to work inside or out. Quiet minds onboard or at an airport gate, allow for superb product recall, so find a suitable partner for your brand, region, or routes and increase revenues with some mutually beneficial advertising.



We believe in keeping things simple.

Our livery decals are priced by the metre. To help you quickly establish the cost of your next project, ask us for a pricing matrix for your fleet or aircraft of choice and simply count up the squares in the area where the decal will be located.

We can offer you a fixed square metre rate for a selection of aircraft film so you can easily budget costs within a matter of minutes, saving crucial project time.



Decorative films can be applied to many locations within the cabin, including meal trays, bulkhead partitions, overhead stowage bins, panels, blinds and trolleys. Pretty much anywhere that isn’t upholstered
or carpeted and not only can they be used to create a steady stream of advertising income, or to make interiors look aesthetically pleasing, they will also protect the cabin against scratches and general wear and tear and can be easily installed and removed without leaving residue.

But the benefits do not stop there. We can now supply our interior decals printed with an antimicrobial protective self-adhesive film. The Coversafe system has been tested to give effective, permanent protection against viruses, molds and bacteria (including SARS -COV2 responsible for the COVID 19) and will limit the spread of viruses, creating a safer, healthier environment for passengers and crew.

With a captive audience and ideal placement, the interiors segment is set to dominate the aviation branding market over the coming years.




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