Larchfield Aerospace & Graphics complete the Swiss Air Special Livery Fete Des Vignerons 2019

Company Larchfield Aerospace & Graphics Ltd.
Date 19.02.2019

For the third year running Larchfield Aerospace & Graphics have teamed up with Swiss Air & IAC to complete another amazing short term, promotional livery.

It took a little under 48 hours for Larchfield’s nine man team to carefully apply over 400 meters of special aircraft film in Genève, before returning back to the UK.

Everything was planned using military precision to ensure that the work was completed on time so that the aircraft could embark on its nine-month tour to 40 + destinations eventually carrying 150, 356 passengers along the way.

The design work was once again carried out by Mathias Forbach AKA Fitchtre and the final design was printed in the UK by Larchfield before being shipped out to Genève prior to the installation.

Needless to say, this was an exciting but challenging livery design and as you might expect working with something of this magnitude allows zero room for error. Even just a few millimetres out on the design at the application phase could have completely skewed the artwork.

It’s safe to say that material technology is getting better all the time and allows us to push the boundaries carrying out more and more complicated installations and, the added bonus for airlines is the comparative cost versus traditional painting. Something which would have previously meant a short term promotional project like this would have been extremely expensive and time-consuming if achievable at all, is now something very accessible to many airlines.

Needless to say, the amount of interest and attention these promotional designs attract for Airlines is well worth the investment.

With hundreds of vanilla white-tailed planes passing the airport lounge window every day, it’s not just for plane spotters, these promotional pieces brighten up everyone’s day and always make interesting conversation.

What’s your next big design idea?


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