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Company Korita Aviation
Date 10.05.2021

Safe, resilient and easy for the crew to use!

Airlines, when you invest in the Aluflite ATLAS standard oven rack manufactured by Korita Aviation you are assured of a high-quality product with excellent product attributes.

Safety first.

Our design and engineering team ensured that the Aluflite ATLAS standard oven rack has a safety stopper system that prevents the oven trays from sliding out of position if the oven rack is tilted.

We think of functionality throughout the catering process.

The Aluflite oven rack has a recessed top handle as a standard feature. This is a clear benefit, making for easy transportation, carrying and stable stacking of our Aluflite ATLAS standard oven racks.

Engineered to allow for optimal consistent airflow.

As part of our commitment to provide products that deliver optimum performance, our engineers ensured that the ATLAS standard oven rack is designed to enable consistent temperature delivery throughout all of the oven trays.

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