Korita Aviation has been selected by Airbus as an official supplier of NELI - All programs: A320/A330/A350/A380

Company Korita Aviation
Date 13.11.2019

Korita Aviation is pleased to announce the completion of the approval and qualification process to supply NELI for Airbus. We are now an official supplier of NELI for Airbus, all programs: A320/A330/A350/A380.

Our dedication to sustained growth and innovation has been the driving force behind this initiative. This marks yet another milestone in our long-term growth strategy. We are certain our new capability to supply BFE to Airbus operators and lessors will be positively received within the aviation industry. Airlines and lessors can now choose Korita Aviation galley insert equipment to fulfil their future BFE requirements.

We are now set to drive innovations within this segment and ensure competitive balance amongst quality galley insert equipment manufacturers.

Whilst we remain ambitious and seek to expand our existing global customer base, we are equally dedicated to delivering customer excellence through consistently manufacturing high-quality galley insert equipment and providing a proactive sales/customer service approach. Our core values remain unchanged. We are – Customer focused people. Designing for purpose. Delivering durability in service.

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