JAMCO Corporation - 2015 Boeing Supplier of the Year

Company Jamco Corporation
Date 10.05.2016

EJamco was awarded the winner of the 2015 Boeing Supplier of the year in the category of “Leaders` Choice Alliance Award.”This is second time Jamco was recognized for this award since 2002. The Boeing 2015 supplier of the year award winners are recognizing 12 companies for the high quality of their product or service and the value they create for Boeing and its global airlines and U.S. and allied government customers.

Our partnership with Boeing dates back to the year of 1970 when Jamco was awarded with the Galley contract for their 727 Aircraft. Since then we have continuously been supplying Galleys for all Boeing aircraft. In 1979, Jamco started to supply Lavatories for Boeing 767 aircraft, and ever since then we are the Lavatory SFE supplier for their 747, 777 and 787 aircraft. We were also awarded the SFE Lavatory supplier for the all new 777X aircraft.

It is a great honor and privilege for Jamco to be recognized as a Boeing Supplier of the Year 2015. This significant award is based on our strong commitment to Boeing over the years and is the highest recognition of appreciation given to suppliers. Working with Boeing over the years with Boeing, we have developed a mutual respect and trust with each other, and which has led to a successful working partnership which has consistently produced high-quality, and on-time delivery products and instilled a strong spirit of working together throughout the entire Jamco team.

Jamco will continue to produce high quality Aircraft Interior products with an expectation to build trust with Boeing and all our Airline Customers with the emphasis to becoming the best in the industry.


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