INFORM released new cargo solution for optimized cargo operations

Company INFORM GmbH
Date 24.01.2019

The software focuses on calculating the best possible routes between aircrafts and cargo warehouses according to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and business value, while prioritizing cargo by category.

The prioritization of cargo is based on company-defined rules which determine how to handle and prioritize goods. In addition, any potential areas for improvement are clearly shown, enabling transparency in a decision-making process which is characterized by a fast changing, pressurized environment. The allocators can assess the capacity and availability of each truck at a glance. Onboard GPS-based telematics accurately locate trucks. This technology enables the calculation of waiting times at check points and other congestion areas; as a result, drivers can fulfill their tasks on time and comply with the SLA.

INFORM’s latest cargo software is the result of 20 years’ experience in the aviation cargo industry. The standard solution has been finetuned over the years with the help of a global customer base. Over the years, cargo experts using the INFORM cargo solution provided continuous feedback on its usability and areas for improvement. This feedback has been the basis for the development of the latest cargo software solution. The solution understands the business value of prioritizing expensive cargo products according to service level agreements in the route optimization and allocation process. Perishable or live goods are typical examples of high value cargo and should be taken care of prior to other less cost-effective types of cargo.

The cargo solution helps to achieve greater punctuality and optimize capacity utilization. Additionally, high value product deliveries are now more reliable, due to the prioritization capabilities of the cargo system. Moreover, the telematics-supported technology employs time stamps that are used as proof of fulfillment of service level agreements, which in turn results in satisfied customers.

Given the latest updates, the new cargo software’s applicability to baggage transport is currently being examined, as the solution is also well-suited for baggage, especially time-critical tail-to-tail baggage.


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