INFORM deploys cloud-based AI to optimize workforce management at KLM

Company INFORM GmbH
Date 07.09.2022

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines opts for the AI-powered GroundStar (GS) WorkforcePlus software to optimize workforce scheduling for its employees. The software is provided by INFORM, an internationally active optimization specialist based in Aachen, Germany. The project aims to standardize planning in the three business units Ground services, Engineering & Maintenance and Cargo at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport, as well as to optimize shift schedules and extensively automate the complex planning process. Following the footsteps of LATAM, Etihad and Lufthansa Technik, KLM is the next airline to put its trust in INFORM’s expertise in the field of efficient staff scheduling at airports.

The cloud-based AI solution from INFORM will replace a legacy solution developed in-house by KLM and will be integrated into the airline’s IT landscape as one of its central elements of the operational processes. GS WorkforcePlus will map the rules and regulations of the Dutch Working Hours Act as well as the equally multi-layered and dynamic company agreements for many KLM employees. With a high degree of automation, the system will incorporate these rules and regulations into seasonal and continuous shift planning.

Core system for operational planning
KLM and INFORM have been working together for over 25 years in planning and real-time resource dispatching for logistics processes. Previously, staff rostering was carried out utilizing an in-house developed planning module, which was used to update shift plans twice a year. With the deployment of the new software, staff scheduling will now be optimized using AI. Planning will not only be automated to a large extent but will also cover seasonally varying needs with greater precision and flexibility than before, as well as individual requirements across business units.

“Demand-driven and predictive workforce management is essential for KLM’s ongoing operations. The transparency created by this flexible and future proof new system will simplify the necessary procedures. In line with this, the introduction of GS WorkforcePlus is centrally embedded in KLM’s AI and digitalization strategy”, said Aart Slagt, EVP Information Services & CIO at KLM.

The flexibly adaptable software considers all relevant planning parameters, such as applicable laws, collective agreements, company agreements, working time models, different requirements for the shift system in the various areas of operation, or employee qualifications. From a vast number of possible plans, the AI-based system creates an optimized plan that automatically takes all of these framework conditions into account. Various tools already established at KLM will be replaced or linked to GS WorkforcePlus during the course of the project.

GS WorkforcePlus ready for the Netherlands
“We are pleased that we have now also been able to convince a significant customer in the Netherlands with our adaptable system,” said Dr. Jörg Herbers, CEO and Head of Workforce Management at INFORM. “With our AI technology, we are able to individually consider complex and diverse requirements of large companies and regionally applicable regulations. For KLM, we are adapting our optimization procedures to reflect the specific conditions at Schiphol.” In addition to numerous companies in the aviation industry, companies in production and logistics as well as ports also use INFORM’s solution.

INFORM CEO Dr. Jörg Herbers

KLM CIO Aart Slagt


INFORM Headquarters Aachen Germany

About KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
For over a century, KLM has been a pioneer in the airline industry. KLM is the oldest airline still operating under its original name and aims to be the leading European network carrier in customer centricity, efficiency and sustainability. The KLM network connects the Netherlands with all of the world’s key economic regions and is a powerful engine driving the Dutch economy.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is part of the Air France–KLM Group. KLM is also a member of the global SkyTeam Alliance, which has 18 member airlines.
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