Elemento: the new long haul Economy/Economy Plus seat

Company Geven SpA
Date 01.06.2016

ELEMENTO, which in Italian means element, is the new long haul Economy class / Economy Plus (for single aisle) product.

This brand-new seat aims to maximize the aspects of flexibility, reliability, maintainability, living space, time and cost of installation and comfort on board.

Among the unique selling points, Elemento boasts its incredible light weight – 10.9 kg fully dressed seat – and its comfortable dimensions of 18.3 inches (seat width between armrests).
But let’s take a closer look to some of Elemento’s exclusive comfort features:

  1. Body shape adaptable backrest solution and backrest flexible suspension system to reach the best comfort in sitting and sleeping position;
  2. 4 way adjustable headrest (with the option of 6 way);
  3. Modern approach to the primary structure design and articulating seat-pan options to increase comfort in relax position and maximize living space;
  4. Enhanced cushion density composition, to guarantee high comfort level without compromising the durability requirements;
  5. Special slim backrest design solution to significantly increase the knee clearance even at the shortest pitch;
  6. Reclinable up to 33° (30° with cradle);
  7. Innovative and modern materials used to put together a comfortable and functional seat, such as: composite, high strength aluminum alloys; elastomeric fabric and magnesium.

Elemento comes with a vast variety of standard options, for example: customized central seat place width, fixed lateral head rest for increased comfort/privacy, adjustable lumbar support, one piece rear meal tray table (with the option of Bi-fold table, compatible with IFE handset installation), double lower literature pocket to increase storage space, hight storage compartment for additional personal belongings, various Bring Your Own Device options, quick release fitting, headphone holder, relax indicator, plugging table for convertible seat and of course a full IFE integration.

One of the absolute core features of this Economy class / Economy Plus (for single aisle) seat stands with the customization options, because color of plastics can be fully customized, among with customizable high comfort cushions (reduction in foam volumes, vibration absorbent) and customizable rear backshell.
We truly make the extra mile to satisfy all Customers’ personal preferences! Geven’s Elemento, is currently under qualification process for Airbus line-fit program and it is suitable for all single and twin aisle of BOEING and AIRBUS aircrafts.

Elemento is a true element of seduction, are you ready to get bewitched?



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