DESKO supports Life Ball in Vienna with IDenty chrom swipe readers

Company DESKO GmbH
Date 27.06.2017

Ten devices installed to improve guest security

We are proud to be one of the sponsors for the 24th edition of the Life Ball in Vienna. This impressive annual show which takes place between the Vienna City Hall and the Burgtheater, is one of the greatest AIDS charity events and an important social happening in Austria. The central aim of the Life Ball is to attract attention to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Revenue of the event will be donated for national and international aid projects. A lot of celebrities like supermodel Naomi Campbell, came to Vienna to support the fight against the insidious disease.

To comply with current security regulations, there were comprehensive security checks this year for all guests. In the course of these regulations we provided ten IDenty chrom swipe readers to support the staff members at the entrance of the event. Using the IDenty chrom, the staff members were able to reliably capture data from the machine-readable zone of the guests ID cards.

We are very pleased that with our IDenty chrom, we were able to contribute to such an amazing and important event.

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