DESKO protects Borders

Company DESKO GmbH
Date 02.02.2018

Modern document scanner suitable for mobile usage

Checking ID cards and passports of travelers is one of the main tasks in the field of border protection. Often a good instinct and expertise is not enough to identify forged ID documents or wanted persons. For that purpose, proven scan and document readers are offered to reliably support the officials in this challenging job. A provider of such solutions is the German company DESKO GmbH with devices being in usage around the globe.

“A technical check of ID cards or passports is useful in many ways”, explains Alexander Zahn, managing director at DESKO GmbH. “On the one hand, ID documents include features which are not visible to the naked eye. On the other hand, personal information such as name, date of birth or nationality can be captured and compared to wanted lists.”

DESKO GmbH is a medium-sized company located in Bayreuth developing and producing document scanners and keyboards with integrated swipe slot for ID document checks. The company is a hidden champion and industry leader in the travel and airport division. Nevertheless, technology “Made in Germany” is popular in the field of border control as well. “Our devices have already been successfully installed in the Middle East. Currently, we also provide them for countries in North Africa and Asia “, says Alexander Zahn.

One of the devices installed is the so-called PENTA Scanner. The document scanner captures data from the machine-readable zone and creates high resolution images under three different light sources (IR, UV and visible light). In addition, the PENTA Scanner is compatible with solutions of leading security software providers. All these functions reveal not only visible and machine-readable data but also UV security features such as the federal eagle. The latter one is included as a UV security feature in the ID cards and passports issued by the Federal Republic of Germany. The PENTA Scanner is perfectly suitable for tabletop usage or the quick and easy installation in eGates or ABC kiosks which can be found mainly in the airport environment. In addition to the aforementioned usage options, the PENTA Scanner is also available as a mobile and flexible all-in-one solution including wireless technology and integrated mini PC. With these features, the PENTA Scanner provides a completely independent document check terminal ideal for mobile usage.

“We are the first German company who developed this flexible technology allowing for quick and reliable ID checks directly on site”, Alexander Zahn underlines. “By that we can offer a plus in terms of safety not only for the usage in the field of border control but also for police inspections at major events or demonstrations.”


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