DESKO celebrates 30th anniversary of the company: New website, new products, new markets

Company DESKO GmbH
Date 06.07.2021

The German technology firm DESKO has prepared a few surprises in honor of its anniversary: The successful mid-sized company presents itself with a fully reworked website, expands its production capacities and product portfolio and announces the active development of new markets.

For 30 years, DESKO has been synonymous for precise ID scanners that have become the world leaders in data collection and authentication of identity documents. DESKO has announced no less than four new products for its product portfolio in its anniversary year.

New scanner sets standards for image quality

DESKO has announced no fewer than four new product launches for the company’s 30-year anniversary. With the first new product alone, the innovation leader is setting new standards in the industry: The ID-1 GO special scanner, a scanner for reading and inspecting ID documents in credit card format, features an impressively precise image resolution of 1,300 dpi. In the industry, this is the first time that forensic laboratory quality has been delivered in a desktop device. This equipment makes it possible for international authorities to identify falsified and manipulated documents or read out data much faster and more reliably. The enormous resolution was recently confirmed by the independent Austrian Institute of Technology AIT in a prototype test (report dated 20.5.2021).

Facelift for the bestseller DESKO PENTA Scanner

DESKO’s bestseller, the PENTA Scanner, is also getting special attention during the company’s anniversary year. The tried-and-tested scanner, which can be found at nearly every airport worldwide, will be available on the market this fall with new, trailblazing features. DESKO’s core expertise in optical systems has achieved a resolution of more than 800 dpi for the new PENTA generation. In addition, the PENTA platform shines with extra digital features such as network capability (PENTA IoT) and compatibility with Linux.

DESKO’s Boarding Gate Reader has also been redesigned for the 30-year anniversary. For the established BGR 504 pro, DESKO has announced a new generation. The successor model will simplify and accelerate boarding processes worldwide thanks to a technological update.

With this strong portfolio, DESKO should be able to further expand its position as the world market leader in the airline/airport sector.

DESKO ID App announced

Last but not least, a smart ID App completes the series of product launches in the anniversary year. In contrast with typical applications, DESKO is concerned with maximum ease of use.

“This simple application allows any user to securely characterize, understand, analyze and even process ID documents. It is easy to use on smartphones on tablets. What sets us apart from the existing solutions is the quality of the database behind the app. We deliver not only reference images for comparison, but an entire knowledge database with details regarding complex ID documents. In this way, we make life hard for forgers…while making daily routines easier for authorities and police”, says Managing Director Alexander Zahn.

With an intensified focus on software development, DESKO has laid the foundation for digital and mobile solutions over the past years. These solutions complement the hardware portfolio, though some of them already operate independently.

Speed and flexibility are DESKO’s core values. These values have also shaped the process of crisis management during the COVID-19 pandemic and contributed to the company’s solid performance during the business year. DESKO’s founder and Managing Director Werner Zahn, asserts that the management has a very confident and strong position looking forward to the future. They see this as the only way to continue developing innovative products even during challenging times.

Exciting future markets

The DESKO brand name has been a leader for many years not only among authorities with official responsibilities. International hotel chains use the reliable scanner to record guest data, as do renowned car rental companies. Banks and insurance companies optimize their contract management and protect themselves against money laundering. Luxury stores improve the shopping experience with safeguarded, tax-free shopping. Clinics regulate access control.

“The fields of application for our scanners are continually growing. In this process, new markets and industries benefit from the expertise that we have acquired in highly sensitive areas such as border controls and airports. These positive prospects encourage us to proactively target new markets even in the current climate”, says Alexander Zahn.

Specific development and expansion projects are currently underway in China, Canada and North Africa.

The international renown of this firmly established company is now reflected in a new website with a fresh look, optimized functionality and four languages.

The effort pays off: An international consultant plus a regional agency

DESKO relies on a unique partnership to implement its holistic, digital communication concept: By working together with consultant Björn Ognibeni from Hamburg, the Bayreuth-based company has gained a pioneer in digital transformation and one of the most in-demand experts on China. But the ideas are fleshed out close to home: “BRANDMARKER”, an advertising agency based in Bayreuth, is responsible for implementing the website.

“We have our roots here in Bayreuth and make an effort to involve regional companies in our budget investments. Everyone involved benefits from this unique arrangement: Björn Ognibeni’s expertise helps us with market development projects. At the same time, we remain flexible and capable of responding rapidly with the BRANDMARKER agency as a local specialist who can react immediately”, explains Marketing Manager Jessica Luh-Fuchs.

The DESKO team is growing

It’s not just the market shares that are growing: DESKO’s production capacities and team are also expanding. On the long term, additional work space will be created at the modern headquarters in Bayreuth. This ensures that the success story will continue, says DESKO’s founder Werner Zahn. The new building offers space not just for more employees, but also for more innovation and designing the future.


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