Cutting weight on your aircraft while being sustainable? Our bamboo products are the answer!

Company The Bamboovement
Date 04.02.2019

Cutting weight by swapping your cutlery and toothbrushes on your aircraft won’t just save you on fuel costs, your passengers will love the feeling to be able to travel plastic-free.

Our toothbrushes (without travel case) weight just 8 grams, almost half of a regular plastic toothbrush. Swapping your stainless steel cutlery on your aircraft with our bamboo cutlery even makes a bigger difference. A spoon, fork and knife have a combined weight of only 23 grams.

The Bamboovement’s products are internationally certified and are made of sustainable bamboo. Looking for customized products? We can laser engrave your company’s logo and name in our toothbrushes, straws and cutlery.

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