Corsair equipes an aircraft with antimicrobial films for tray tables

Date 29.09.2020

Caring for the travel conditions of its customers in a sensitive health context, Corsair is the first European Airline to sign a partnership with ADHETEC, a specialist in high quality technical adhesive solutions, and cover the tray tables of its aircraft with a protective film that has antibacterial and antiviral properties. With the use of this innovative and proven technology, Corsair continues to fight concretely against the spread of the Covid-19 on board of its aircraft.

On Tuesday, September 29, Corsair will operate the test flight from Paris Orly to Abidjan (Ivory Coast). All the tray tables of the Business, Premium and Economy class seats will be equipped with a protective aeronautical film developed by ADHETEC, which uses the natural and antimicrobial technology of its partner Pylote, a specialist in mineral and ceramic industrial chemistry. This reliable technology, which has been used on the market for several years, has demonstrated its effectiveness against bacteria and viruses, and in particular against Coronavirus (99.9%*.) In addition, the natural and mineral Pylote microspheres in the protective adhesive film remain safe for the skin, ever for young children, and do not release any toxic molecules into the atmosphere. The whole Corsair fleet will progressively be equipped with the antimicrobial film.

Furthermore, the antimicrobial surface protection film offered by ADHETEC protects the tray tables from possible damage caused by aggressive disinfectants products used under current sanitary protocols, without losing its decontaminating power. Indeed, the antimicrobial varnish surface remains extremely resistant.

The films have an immediate, stable and permanent 24/7 microbial decontamination action thanks to a virtuous process, without any loss of effectiveness over more than 50 months. It is resistant to repetitive cleanings and to the many touches of passengers without altering its action.

Enea Fracassi, Technical and Fleet Director, said “We are very proud to be the first Airline in Europe to implement this innovative film technology, which complements the range of on-board hygiene measures already in place for the comfort of our customers. Indeed, the combined protective action of the film and its antimicrobial technology meet the expectations of our customers and reassure them. Making our customers travel in optimal sanitary conditions is one of our company’s priorities“.

‘ADHECAL’ 13423 is a film from our cabin portfolio and therefore dedicated to this application – tray tables. It has proven to be an effective communication medium. By adding a long-lasting bactericidal and virucidal function, we meet the new airline specifications and contribute to the health and safety onboard. We do also support the effort to restore trust in travel” says Alexis Gabillon, ADHETEC CEO. “We are proud that our commitment in this area via our partnership with Pylote has seduced the company CORSAIR with whom we have been working for many years”.

* Tested in independent laboratories according to ISO 22196, ISO 21702 and JISZ2801 standards.


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