COMODA AQ (alta quota), Premium Economy class seat

Company Geven SpA
Date 01.06.2016

COMODA ALTA QUOTA, which in Italian means high-flying comfort, is Geven’s Premium Economy class seat model, it has a unique Italian appeal and it takes passengers on a whole new level of comfort on board.

Comoda AQ can be installed on Airbus as well as Boeing aircraft families, offering a spacious seat width for maximum passenger comfort, while keeping a wide aisle well above the minimum dimensions requested by certification requirements.

This seat model is born from the main target and aim to maximize the aspects of comfort, weight and Service Life.

Among the unique selling points, in fact, Comoda AQ boasts its incredible comfort features:

  1. High recline accommodation, designed to maximize shin and knee clearance;
  2. Super cushion comfort solution in combination with high ergonomic seat design to guarantee the highest comfort levels;
  3. Fully hidden IFE systems;
  4. On the passenger comfort side, the recline can vary from a basic 6” up to 8” (depending on seat pitch)
  5. A four-way (or optionally a six-way) headrest can be fitted on each backrest, with rotating ears and 3” strike;

Comoda AQ comes with a vast variety of standard options, such as: optional In- Arm monitor installation for front row seats (monitor up to 11”), cocktail table, up to 13” SB mounted video, optional 3-positions footrest, bottle holder, optional handset installation area, die-cast powder coated aluminium armrest (customizable color), literature pocket (customizable color), leather/net literature pocket (customizable color), backshell (customizable color), in-arm table (single leaf) housing.

One of the absolute core features of this Premium Economy class seat stands with the customization options, because color of plastics and armrests can be customized among a wide variety of off-the-shelf choices.

Cushions can be customized in terms of materials (fabric/leather) and minor shape modification can be applied.

We truly make the extra mile to satisfy all Customers’ personal preferences!

This seat is certified and it is suitable for single aisle extended range and twin aisle.
Comoda AQ will take passengers in a high-flying journey of comfort.

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