Castello Monte Vibiano Extra Virgin Olive Oil on Taiwan presidential Flights

Company Castello Monte Vibiano Vecchio
Date 21.11.2016

castello-monte-vibiano-prWe are proud to announce that our extra virgin olive oil in a single dose pack 10 ml, has been served in presidential flights carrying the new president of Taiwan Tsai Ing-wen on the institutional flights around the world.

It is a great news for our company; It happened thanks to our partnership with China Airlines, taiwanese company that operates also the presidential flights.

The ” first time ” of our oil on board of the presidential flights was during the visit of President Tsai Ing – wen in the american continent, from Los Angeles to Paraguay, last month; for the president one exceptional chef with 20 years of experience, Lee Chuan that thought to match our extra virgin olive oil with Taiwanese dishes.


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