Cargo placards from Larchfield Aerospace

Cargo placards have become extremely important to many airlines as they look for ways to bridge revenue streams in the current worldwide pandemic.

We are seeing more requests for conversion kits which help to rapidly transform passenger planes into temporary freighters.

With our extensive database and ability to flex with the market we are perfectly suited to provide fast turn around on manufactured cargo placards for all types of aircraft.

According to Forbes online, a huge percentage of commercial flights have been either cancelled or rescheduled leaving airlines no choice but to weather the storm in any way they can.

This is not entirely alien to many commercial airlines as cargo flights often account to 10-15% of their revenue under normal circumstances.

Here’s some additional information taken from Forbes.

American Airlines operated their first cargo-only flight this week as well since 1984 and other carriers including British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates and United have followed suit in converting some passenger capacity to cargo-only flights.

Despite passengers being restricted from entering many countries around the world, cargo is not, and remains a necessary chain to ensure the continual flow of goods.

Although some commercial passenger airlines do have cargo only fleets they are often a small fraction of the size of their currently under-utilised passenger fleets.

The great news is that we are here to help and as mentioned above we have the ability to meet the requirements of many airlines by offering bespoke temporary cargo conversation kits which are cost effective, fast and easy to apply.

We manufacture the cargo placards with the same high-quality materials you would always expect from Larchfield Aerospace & Graphics which are not only durable they will be easily removed once things get back to normal and the aircraft returns to commercial duties.   

If you are searching for any type of cargo placards then drop us a line today to discuss your requirements.   


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