Antibody test kits and medical respirators for the travel industry

Company The Bamboovement
Date 01.06.2020

Lockdown measures are slowly lifting across Europe and other places in the world. Giving room for talks about how the travel industry will be organized this summer. Companies and organizations are finding ways to protect their employees and customers against Covid-19 while making travelling as safe as possible. 

Since early March, The Bamboovement has been able to source large quantities of antibody test kits and medical respirators. Both items have been tested by various testing centers and are CE-marked. Providing optimal protection against Covid-19.

Respiratory masks (KN95)

Our medical respirators were initially sourced by the Dutch Red Cross. After being tested and approved by the Red Cross for medical use we supplied them to various health care organizations. To ensure the quality of the masks, they have been tested by DEKRA as well – the largest testing facility in Germany. A test report can be sent upon request.

The Bamboovement has since supplied hospitals, health care facilities, resorts and hotels with these masks. The masks will be shipped from our warehouse in The Netherlands.



Antibody test kit (IgM/IgG)

After dealing with the virus in a highly effective manner – Greece has become the first country to publicly appeal to organizations to start testing travelers for antibodies before departure. This strategy is aimed to restart the battered tourism sector.

Together with a Swiss partner, The Bamboovement has sourced 1 million antibody test kits since March. The system registers two antibody counts (IgM and IgG) that provide quantitative information regarding antigen detection. The test consists of a strip, a buffer and a reader.

A drop of whole blood (5μl) is placed on the biochemical strip, 4 drops of buffer are added and 15 minutes later the strip is inserted into the reader, which immediately registers and prints the results. One analyzer can read 3.000 tests and can be used without the need for complex technical skills.

The antibody test kits have been tested by multiple hospitals as well as by testing facility TUV. So far we have supplied them to different governments, hospitals and hotels in Europe, the United States and Africa.



The test kits have been advertised to provide people who undergo the test, the so-called “patent” of immunity that allows them to move and travel without worrying that they are contagious.

For the collection and management of results we rely on the experience of I-Care (, a company that has developed a cloud platform specifically to track the detection of Covid-19. Through I-Care software it is possible to create a simple and intuitive database, as well as reports and detailed analysis of the spread of the virus. In the data acquisition and synchronization process, the customer will be assisted by the I-Care specialists.

In addition, I-Care has launched a smartphone application that allows all those who have undergone our tests to have proof of their results at any time.


The Bamboovement offers a warranty on both items in case they are unused.


Products can be shipped within one day. Delivery time within Europe: 2 – 5 days. United States and Canada: 5 – 7 days. Rest of the world: 7 – 12 days.


It’s possible to order a sample for approval prior to an order.

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