Aluflite ATLAS standard half size trolley product spotlight!

Company Korita Aviation
Date 21.06.2021

Aluflite half size meal trolleys in the spotlight!

Our Aluflite ATLAS standard half size trolley delivers on all fronts providing airlines with a reliable inflight catering trolley that withstands the intensity of even the most vigorous catering operations.

Procure a trolley with features that count inflight!

Throughout the design and engineering process, we ensured that the Aluflite ATLAS standard half size trolley was engineered to offer maximal functionality and reliability. We would like to highlight some key features that support in delivering this during operation:

Push-to-close locking system – With one push on the door, the crew can securely close the door. This functionality also offers a significant amount of noise reduction.

Four wheel braking system – Our four wheel braking system delivers secure and stable brake engagement.

A great looking trolley!

We admit we may be a little biased, however, our airline industry customers do agree that our trolley design is very appealing and our ability to offer different exterior panel finish options does enable an airline to optimise their branding in accordance with their budget.

Whether an airline opts for a powder-coated finish in their brand colours or a sublimated panel finish from a high-resolution image of their choosing, their airline trolley will appeal to both passengers and crew alike!

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