Airlines - Our range of containers are a perfect fit for your aircraft galley!

Company Korita Aviation
Date 07.10.2021

Our range of containers are a perfect fit for your aircraft galley!

We offer a range of containers that have been carefully engineered for optimal performance. Our Aluflite containers are renowned for withstanding intensive daily use. The ergonomic design ensures safe and easy operation by the crew.

Durable containers with a great product lifespan.

Our customers often remark on the noticeable quality of our containers, which in turn offers them a desirable level of return on their initial investment.

Designed for purpose.

We know that product details really matter. Here are just a few of our great design features shared across our container product portfolio:

  • a recessed top handle for easy transportation, carrying, and stacking
  • interlocking panels that provide exceptional strength and durability
  • push-to-close locking system for safe, consistent secure door closure

Please view our Aluflite container range.
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Were you able to make a selection for your aircraft galley?

We invite you to reach out to our sales team! Please arrange a time to schedule a call so that we can support you in selecting standard units/containers that match your operational requirements.

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