Airlines does your onboard service involve the use of folding trolleys? Yes, Korita Aviation also manufactures folding trolleys!

Company Korita Aviation
Date 02.02.2021

We understand flexibility is needed when it comes to providing equipment that enables airlines to implement great onboard passenger service. When it comes to choice, we know it matters and that is why we also manufacture a folding trolley. 

Does your service concept include the need for folding trolleys?

If it does, then we can certainly be of assistance. We currently manufacture folding trolleys that offer a two or three shelf option depending on your requirement. All our folding trolleys are manufactured with an anti-slip surface.

Find out more. Browse our folding trolley page using the quick link below:

Customisation is possible.

We have a range of options! With respect to the colour of the folding trolley shelf surface area, a specific RAL colour can be selected in line with your corporate branding. We can also offer the possibility to extend the surface area by means of an extendable work table option. To manufacture folding trolleys with custom options we will apply our minimum order requirements.

Share your folding trolley requirements with us, so we can help!

Reach out to our sales team so that we can discuss your requirements in detail.

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