Airlines - Alternative to aluminium? Consider our ATLAS standard 3-runner PP drawer!

Company Korita Aviation
Date 02.09.2021

For airlines seeking a durable and cost-effective alternative to aluminium, we have designed and developed our range of polypropylene drawers. Within this article, we are highlighting our ATLAS standard 3-runner polypropylene drawer.

Lightweight and robust with an empty weight of 670 grams.

The strong and lightweight design of our ATLAS standard 3-runner polypropylene drawer is a popular choice amongst our airline customers.

Could this drawer be an option for your airline?

Use the hyperlink below to visit the ATLAS standard polypropylene 3-runner drawer page:

Let’s review the benefits of this drawer together!

Reach out to our sales team and arrange a time to schedule a call to discuss your immediate and future requirements for ATLAS standard 3-runner polypropylene drawers.

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